Potential Legal Action on Behalf of UK (Ro)Accutane Victims

Members of the “parents of PAS patients” activist group in the UK, including Derek Jones (who made the “Dying for Clear Skin” documentary after losing his son to PAS), are reaching out to solicitors regarding legal action against RoAccutane/Isotretinoin manufacturers for failure to warn patients and physicians of possible permanent/persistent damage to sexual and reproductive health.

They are looking for PAS patients interested in seeking compensation to come forward for the sake of garnering a sufficient number to proceed.

Ideally, this will develop into criminal charges of negligence on the grounds that manufacturers have been fully aware of reports of these types of side effects for some time. It amounts to chemically castrating children against their will.

If you are a UK PAS patient and ever want to see compensation for the harm this drug has caused you, this will be a chance to gain the momentum needed to make it happen.

If interested, please send me a PM containing an email address from which you will be put into contact with the activist group.

As with all legal matters, please tread carefully.


Surprising that not one person has enquired about this potential for an Accutane lawsuit yet. I highly suggest taking part in this if you can.

Just to echo that, to all fellow victims of Isotretinoin living in the UK, this is a big opportunity to strike back against the bastards who ruined our lives. There is a lot of momentum right now with the recent news stories on the BBC and in the Daily Mail. We can ride this.

Don’t forget, a legal victory would not just deliver justice, but would also very likely be followed by increased research into our condition and possible treatments.

Come on people, together we can do this!


Couldn’t agree more,

Just learned there were 20 suicides in the UK so far this year due to Accutane.

Not only toward striking a blow to Roche and company, but also toward stopping this from happening to others and saving ourselves, A successful lawsuit carries weight. If anyone truly cares about possibly ending their nightmare on a positive note, they will do what it takes to pin down those responsible.

They owe blood at this point.