Posting risks of finasteride to reddit r/hairloss

UPDATE: r/hairloss moderators have approved the post:


Most of these hair loss forums only exist to promote finasteride and hair transplants.

When I looked into finasteride 10 years ago all the hair loss forums I looked at played down finasterides side effects.


r/tressless is another, more popular hair loss subreddit. When I started lurking that place, people very much rejected the existence of persistent fin sides, would dismiss/ridicule those dealing with lesser-known/persistent fin sides, and often shit-talked this forum. I think people started acknowledging that persistent fin sides are real after that recent Reuters article about Merck came out, but there still seems to be some unfair skepticism towards victims and resentment towards this forum.


No point posting in those groups. They have moderation and they can delete anything they want. It is a waste of time. Post it in one of the subs dedicated to PFS.

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We shouldn’t be discouraged from posting in those groups. We might get shut down, but the least we can do is try to let people know that persistent fin sides are no joke. I may have never taken fin if I knew there was actual medical literature that suggested that PFS was real.


I ended up here from /r/tressless. Probably many others like me. Reddit literally ruined my life lmao


UPDATE: r/hairloss moderators approved my post :+1:

Just posted to r/tressless. Awaiting moderator approval.