Post your vitamin A levels

Please, post your vitamin A levels.

Mine is 0.70mg/L (references: 0.30 - 0.70).

This could explain the vision, neurological and cognitive problems of some sufferers. I am still trying to relate the study to sexual problems. I used Astaxanthin and got this syndrome. Astaxanthin is a vitamin A derivated, just like Accutane.


Nice study. That was the first I’ve read that excess retinols disrupt cell membrane.

What lab is this vitamin A test available through, and what specific form of vitamin A does it test?

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In my exams, the method used was “HPLC”. I don’t know what type of vitamin A this test identifies.

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I’ve been meaning to get my Vitamin A level tested for sometime now. Never took accutane but I recall being tempted at some point. Glad I didn’t!

My take on Vitamin A is that it has to be balanced with Vitamin D. Having too high of a level of each would result in a problem. I was caught by Vitamin D mania and reached a level of 145 nmol/L and those days were my worst in terms of recovery. I’m now focusing more Vitamin A to achieve balance point but I’ll never supplement it. I’d rather get it through diet alone.

Which company offered it? Was it Quest, Labcorp, etc…?

It was a renowed laboratory here in Brazil, called “Richet”. Here in Brazil all laboratories do this type of blood test, and access to them is very simple. If things are easy to get this way here, I believe that in North America and Europe things are even easier.

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