Post-Minoxidil Syndrome (sides)


I am 18 and used Minoxidil for 6 months, and as of typing this I am 7 months off of it due to side effects and have not recovered.

My two main sides of concern are: Loss of DHT (libido, muscle gain, energy, feeling) and loss of collagen (chronically dry skin, wrinkly, pale, dry and frizzy hair, weakened teeth causing cavities)

I am extremely worried because many of my symptoms are similar to PFS and Minoxidil has been shown to inhibit 5-AR in several studies, and there are also thousands of anecdotes online similar to mine.

I did use too much of Minoxidil. I was also dermarolling right before applying because the internet told me that it would “increase absorption” (in hindsight, that’s a horrible idea and quite frankly I may as well have been squirting it straight into my mouth) so it definitely went systemic. I used it 2x a day, about a cap full each dose of Kirkland 5% Minoxidil.

I went to the doctor to get my hormones tested and my Testosterone came in at 895ng/dl and my DHT only 45 (healthy range for my age being 50-90). I haven’t scheduled a followup appointment but I am hoping to get on some sort of DHT raising medicine. My testosterone is already sky high so a “good lifestyle” won’t do anything, regardless I exercise multiple times a week and life weights 1x a week and see no muscle gain, only more angry, stressed feelings due to high T and E. There is an issue in my testosterone-DHT conversion process and my estrogen is probably high as well. Unbalanced hormones in general.

I am really hoping this is a simple issue with a slightly less simple solution: getting my DHT up. When I got off of Minoxidil I was insanely horny and felt back to normal before the sides returned again after 7 days. I’ve been here ever since. I’ve tried water fasting, and there was on time where I water fasted and took Niacin right at the end and got an insane improvement to my sides: my skin was glowing, I felt horny, I felt like my energy and soul came back for a day. But I haven’t been able to recreate it since despite doing the same thing. Niacin has been shown to have positive effects on DHT in studies, but due to bacterial resistance my body is probably not responding to it as well as it was. (that was the 2nd time I ever used it and the first time I used it outside of a fast)

I may get some hate for this post, but please stay calm. I do not believe, personally, this is anywhere near as bad as true PFS. But it is still something affecting my quality of life greatly. If my doctor does not prescribe me DHT such as androstanolone or proviron I may have to buy it myself. But I am determined to fight this and considering I haven’t seen ANY noticeable recovery in 7 months, recovery won’t come naturally. I will update this post in a few weeks when I get DHT in and tell you guys how it goes. I understand for true PFS individuals it isn’t as simple as injecting DHT or certain hormones but I am hoping for my situation it will be easier. Cheers.

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Hi @Zonz,

thanks for telling us your story.

Unfortunately, your experience sounds so similar to the typical experience here, we ought to not beat around the bush and try and call it by a unique name.

At this point, it looks likely that Post Drug Syndrome is what we all have. This isn’t an umbrella term for a lot of different conditions, this is the same condition which can be triggered by a number of different drugs. While we find a confusing mix of symptoms can be inflicted on people, we can still find different symptoms and variety in severity being triggered in different people by the same drug.

I don’t personally get into the science and the hormones of this - I think it’s too complicated for me.

But I will say that what you’re describing will be familiar to many here, even though another drug or experience may have brought them here.

Please be careful to avoid exposure to other 5ar inhibiting substances. We have found that people can induce new symptoms and increase the severity of ones they have when they expose themselves further.

You may find that there are things you find helpful here, but be aware that many people have put themselves into a worse position through taking drugs and supplements. Please be careful.

In your time off, have you seen zero improvement? Any fluctuations at all?

Please complete our survey (click the bar chart icon at the top of the page, next to search). It will help us all to attract attention and studies into this condition.


i’m using minox for 11 months and noticed mild pfs-like symptom after using it. Every 5-ar inhibitor is giving you fatigue, irritate, and anxiety


Any update brother? I’m in this same exact boat from using minoxidil on my face for a year. Went from having about as high of a libido as you can to one that’s nearly non existent. Stopped cold turkey when I notice lowered libido and if anything it got worse after stopping.
I’m about to get bloods done because it’s been over a year with little improvement. But it’s hard to be hopeful when I read its likely dysfunction with our AR receptors and 5AR.

I have held on to most of my muscle but can’t seem to make any gains. Not sure if it’s my age just turned 34 but I workout as hard as humanly possible 3 to 4 days a week with weights and do cardio a couple days per week.

Strangely I have brain fog and general nauseousness after hard workouts. It might be from how hard I push myself but I’m not sure it’s almost like stimulating my androgens makes me feel temporarily worse. I am able to get decent pumps as before but it’s harder to find the mind muscle connection as before.

Another interesting thing is I can’t tolerate creatine anymore which we now know affects DHT. When this all went down I was on low dose of creatine off and on and later began experiencing all these prostate pain and prostitis symptoms that I attributed to other side effects from minoxidil crash.

Enlarged full prostate feeling, weird bubbling sensation or vibrating and feeling of needing to pee often but hard time emptying completely. Perinium pain. Even constipation and unable to pass stool completely.
All of this was resolved when I quit creatine. It’s like my body’s mechanism to process DHT has been damaged. Prostate which uses DHT can’t handle any extra amount?

My face was dry feeling for months and has seemed to improve slightly but collagen still looks to have been destroyed and skin around eyes feel especially thin/sensitive. More easily wrinkles. My theory is that applying minoxidil damaged the AR receptors in my face/ brain and those that likely tell body how to use DHT.

It’s like my sexual attraction is turned off like a switch no connection from my mind/ thoughts to my penis. Only can get hard through manual stimulation but no desire. Can get 90 percent as hard and perform but feels like chore getting started. It’s about 30 percent as enjoyable while every blue moon maybe 70 percent.

I try to remain as positive as possible because I realize it could be much worse since mostly only the sexual sides lingering. But it’s depressing that there seems to be no cure only treatment to manage stymptoms. It’s taking a toll on my relationship. I plan to fill out the questionnaire thing and do my part.

I have lost one of my life’s greatest joys and identify as a man. I am open to any suggestions moving forward and plan to get as much bloodwork before and then after, if I experiment with HRT but don’t want to make things worse. I am very much stable and able to live a fairly normal life if this doesn’t progress to joint,cognitive, anhedonia or other issues. Any help or advice is much appreciated.