Post-finasteride syndrome and post-ssri sexual dysfunction: two clinical conditions apparently distant, but very close

I dont know if its new.


Haven’t seen this one previously. It was published on 21st November, earlier this week. I recognise the name of Dr Melcangi as an author. He has his own particular views on our condition, and hones in on neurosteriods and the gut.

The symptoms of Post-Finasteride Syndrome, Post-Accutane Syndrome, and Post SSRI Sexual Dysfunction … are extremely similar. They are already bunched together in some research papers, such as from Dr David Healy.

It seems like a reasonable, logical assumption that there is a common feature driving our conditions. So, if we uncover the etiology for one condition, there is an obvious step for checking if it is the same for the others. Likewise, if we get to a point where we can look at a treatment for one condition, there is the obvious opportunity to try it for the other conditions.

After skim reading the paper, I am unsure there is anything new. Glad to see if there are any other opinions.

If I had to bet on whether the breakthroughs for us will come from research by Dr Melcangi, or from Dr Hornig … I would bet on Dr Hornig.


IMG_0239 IMG_0238

Can anyone help me understand what we are looking at with these images from the research? Looks like permanently altered neurosteroids in the brain?