Post Finasteride Syndrom after 2 Pills?

Hey guys, 2 days ago, on Thursday, I took my second pill (1mg).

Since yesterday, i have low libido, my balls hurt and my mood decreased. Will the sides go away if i stop now? Can you get PFS even after 2 pills?

Hey there,

I don’t mean to scare you but we certainly have reports from patients experiencing severe long lasting effects from as little as a single pill. However, that isn’t common, and ‘PFS’ by itself is also probably pretty rare.

So before you assume the worst case scenario please consider that for most people who experience adverse reactions, the side effects will probably go away a couple of weeks or months after quitting the drug. So unless you have been suffering from symptoms for at least 3+ months I would try to have faith that the side effects will still go away and not assume that you have PFS.

In any case, seeing as you react notably negatively to the drug with such little intake, I would highly advise you to quit taking the drug any further. It’s just not worth the health risk. There is no scenario where if you continue the drug the side effects will go away.

So briefly put:

Most likely yes.

Absolutely, but there is no reason right now to assume this is the case for you.

So my advice is to just stop taking the drug and you will probably be fine in the coming weeks/months. If not, then this community will be here for you to provide support. For now let’s be hopeful that is not the case.


Alright, I will stop taking the drug and hope the sides will go away as fast as possiblr.

Thank you for your response and if your on fin yourself, good luck!

People have been disabled with taking just one dose of 0.25 mg, 2 pills are way too much.

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One other thing.

Should the side effects subside some time after you’ve quit, do NOT ever go back on the drug.
We have many reports from people taking finasteride, then stopping, then recovering, then restarting the drug thinking they can quit again at any moment and that those adverse effects will go away, just like they did the first time.

For some reason we don’t yet understand, the people who have had adverse reactions before, who go back on the drug (or any other 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor) are often less lucky the second time. They often report that the second time they take the drug their adverse reactions are often way worse and that they don’t go away anymore.

I know this all sounds a little vague and ominous, but please heed this warning and don’t ever go back on the drug even when you recover from the side effects.

I know accepting hairloss isn’t fun and there are few other options out there, but once people have had adverse reactions to finasteride they usually can’t go back on it without (potentially permanent) repercussions.

Take care and I hope you have a speedy recovery!