Post Covid, long term symptoms

I saw/listened to this article and though I am not saying that I think people with post covid19 problems have a lot in common with us, I would say that there are various points of overlap.

I thought it might be interesting to think about how they have worked together and what they are achieving.

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Did anyone listen to this? It’s only ten minutes long. Any thoughts?

After hearing stories from the 100,000 members in Survivor Corps, she considers herself one of the lucky ones.

Have a feeling that number has a lot to do with it. They are also 100K who have gone through this experience at roughly the same time, not scattered over 20 years.

Agreed that this is something worth keeping an eye on to see how it develops and how these people manage to push-back against the doubt.

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I think that the fact that persistent issues like this after viral infections have been reported in the past also lends to their credibility.


Yet there are plenty of doctors who grief their patients about claims of chronic symptoms from Lymes Disease.

I think this acceptance of chronic symptoms of COVID-19 is exceptional.

Then again… Another excerpt from the article:

“Many of our members are complaining that they [are] being gaslit by their doctors. They’re going in with severe medical conditions and they’re being told that they’re having an anxiety attack,” she says. “Yeah, they probably are having anxiety, but they’re also having tachycardia and they need to be treated medically and taken seriously.”

Yes, that’s one of the parts I thought was most significant for us.