Post Accutane Syndrome


I have post Accutane syndrome which involves ED, Libido issues and Anhedona. I stopped Accutane treatment around 8 years ago and it still remains. I am now on citalopram and modafinil.

Due to getting older. I am losing my hair and I want to take finasteride or dutasteride. apparently Accutane inhibits dht in the same mechanic of action like these drugs. is it a good idea to use finasteride or dutasteride? how likely will the issues I have get worse?

Is accutane more like fin or dut? please give me advice. I don’t want to lose my hair

Don’t use any hairloss products.

I have been told people go through hell when coming off them. I intend to stay on them forever

You have been profoundly burned by a 5-AR inhibitor. Taking another one is an unwise move.

Hairloss is a naturally occurring event which is part of male physiology.

If this thread promotes 5-AR hairloss products as it develops, I will close it.

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I am not promoting anything. I am asking for advice. sorry if it seems like that

Yes I have been burnt by accutane but after 8 years I had to accept sex isn’t everything. I can try improve my life in other avenues and would rather prevent my hair loss so my self image doesn’t deteriorates as well.

I have ED, minimal sensitivity when orgasming. Will taking finasteride or dutasteride make my life worse?

I been told these drugs are bad when coming off but not if you still stay on? please help.

You can crash again, and possibly become so bad you can’t leave bed again.

Weight that vs importance of hair for you.

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Some people crash while on the drug.

Someone on the acne org forums called isojim said fin cured his symptoms? is this possible or a troll?

is there any users on this forum who have used accutane, ssri and 5-AR inhibitor?

Your accutane induced symptoms still persisting eight years after stopping the drug mean you have what we term Post-Androgen Deprivation Syndrome. That the syndrome spans several different (but with shared antiandrogenic action) substances is expanded upon here

“PFS” following therapeutic use and cessation of other substances?

Importantly, patients are increasingly presenting to us suffering what is ostensibly clinically “post-finasteride syndrome” following use of drugs and substances including Isotretinoin, Serenoa repens (saw palmetto) extract, SSRI antidepressants, topical ketoconazole, topical minoxidil, and high-dose phenolic compounds marketed as health supplements including quercetin and milk thistle extract.

It is recognised that the syndrome termed Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD) and PFS may share an etiological link. With focus on neurological symptoms, Giatti et al. presented a hypothesis that the impairment of overlapping signals of neuroactive steroids, dopamine and serotonin as potentially underlying the condition(s) ​(Giatti et al., 2018)​. In another consideration of the potential for a single syndrome underlying these presentations, Healy et al. analysed 300 patient responses to structured questions provided by and submitted to, an independent drug safety website. The cohort was comprised of patients suffering persistent sexual dysfunction following use of 5-ARIs, Isotretinoin and Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, with treatment duration ranging from a single dose to over 16 years. Overlap was seen in symptoms including ED, Libido loss, genital anaesthesia, difficulty achieving orgasm, pleasureless orgasm, premature ejaculation, emotional blunting, loss of nocturnal erections, penile or testicular pain, reduction of penis size, decreased testosterone, watery ejaculate, testicular atrophy, and other skin numbness. Across drug groups, the sexual dysfunction became markedly worse or even began after cessation of treatment in many instances. For all three drug groups there were reports of profound dysfunction appearing within days of stopping. while Finasteride and Isotretinoin are stopped abruptly, SSRIs are often tapered. Interestingly, three subjects on SSRIs reported an increasing loss of sexual function as the dose was tapered, suggesting that PSSD may be equally likely following abrupt or gradual discontinuation of an SSRI or SNRI. They conclude the need for comparative investigation in these cohorts and a systematic approach with structured symptom sets to establish the existence of a single syndrome ​(David Healy et al., 2018)​.

For you to use finasteride now could effectively be the same as using accutane again and would be an enormous risk to your health, with a dramatic worsening in your condition possible. This has happened to several members of this site.

  • Consequential endocrine fragility: Despite a frequent and curious symptomatic relief, severely affected patients liable to permanent phenotypical worsening following exposure to substances with antiandrogenic properties.


Do not take any 5-ar inhibitors, including finasteride. It will almost certainly make you worse – there are no proven cures for these symptoms, but taking another damaging pill is certainly bad. Please heed the advice of the people on this forum. You don’t need finasteride. You need to stay away from it.

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Will there ever be a cure? do I have to accept going bald and having Post-Androgen Deprivation Syndrome?

Btw thanks for the replies and the support.

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Are you joking? You didn’t learn your lesson from Accutane and still want to pop pills for cosmetic purposes despite knowing for a fact that they ruin lives? :man_facepalming:


No one knows. The community hasn’t even assembled itself enough to get research started. Still in the eating home herbal remedies that never work and googling “low libido” phase.

What do I have to lose? I can’t function sexually so my d can’t get worse. I was intrigued because someone said it cured them? its easier said than done to just accept going bald

Sexual symptoms are bad, I admit, but with viagra/cialis they can be somewhat alleviated. But the worst symptom of 5-ar inhibitors is brain fog, which can significantly lower quality of life, and should not be risked for any reason, especially if you have prior experience of poor reaction to a 5-ar inhibitor. Get a hairpiece, or learn to live with hair loss, which is something that about forty billion men have gone through since the dawn of our species. Don’t waste your mind on an unreliable and potentially devastating drug approved (misleadingly) only twenty years ago or so. It doesn’t even stop hair loss, only slightly delays it, and only for a certain proportion of men. And if you get brain damage from it, you’ll have to stop it anyway, and lose your hair regardless.

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Do you get folliculitis? Hair pimples?

I think your problem seems to be a loss of self-image and attractiveness. The right thing to do if you are loosing your hair - which I am too - is to improve other areas of your image. Keep lean. Take up a martial art, e.g. grappling, kick-boxing, boxing, karate, Tae Kwon Do, and so on. Learn to walk and move with confidence. Take up sprinting in some quiet streets near you. Find a type of exercise that you naturally enjoy. Learn how to dress right, if this will help you. Sort out your internal state using whatever tools you need (NLP, mindfulness… find whatever tool you need to fix whatever you know the problem is).

You will need to take yourself wherever you need to go.

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Getting additional symptoms or making the deficit to recovery larger. To be honest, I think this might be a mental issue. The idea that you think that just because a pill exists to give you more beautiful hair means you should take it, regardless of the fact that a closely related pill you took to make your skin more beautiful has already harmed you terribly, seems very irrational. That’s just my opinion, though.

suppose You are asking for crack inside a group that are trying to heal from crack. It Makes sense?

imagine you are inside a room with 50 people addicted to crack that have lose all their family, life and money. Then you came and ask:

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