Post accutane recovery using finasteride

Just found this thread.
Is there any scientific theory about this ?

Not recommended.

Subsequent exposure often worsens symptoms significantly.


I replied to your other thread, but will repost here:

I’d urge that you take extreme caution with this approach. The post title says “high risk” - it is extreme risk.

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I remember seeing a Redditor stating how cycling one pill of Fin every two-three weeks caused him to noticeably improve (although it didn’t cure him). He mentioned he was too scared to use it more frequently than that. But, as others have said, I’ve heard of the opposite happening as well.

As for me - I’ve decided I would cycle Fin only if literally EVERYTHING else has failed. I’ve long since decided that PFS is not worth living with, and if I’m going to die anyway then I might as well try everything I possibly can. I don’t expect most people to agree with this decision, but it’s mine to make.

By the way, I took the risk and did try using saw palmetto extract for about a month in January. I noticed a mild improvement while on it in most areas and a moderate improvement emotionally. So far, though, coming off of it hasn’t really changed anything, good or bad. I suspect it’s just too weak of a 5AR inhibitor to cause serious improvements, or its half-life is too long, but the improvements I did have are encouraging. It MAY suggest that cycling Fin may be worthwhile, but of course Fin has a much shorter half-life and extremely steep dose-response curve which is what I suspect caused most of our problems in the first place. Fin is much more high risk than even saw palmetto.


Any updates? @Burt_Kocain