Possible enzyme deficency in Prostatitis / Chronic pelvic pain syndrome

I found this interesting.


Especially considering that dr jacobs recently came to a very similar conclusion in the ACTH thread in the general sub forum.

The hormonal differences we identified in CP/CPPS patients may help us understand the etiology of CP/CPPS and/or serve as biomarkers for the disease. Our study suggested that some men with CP/CPPS may have a defect in CYP21A2… Future studies should explore the possibility that CP/CPPS patients meet the diagnostic criteria for nonclassical CAH due to 21-hydroxylase deficiency by performing a CRF and cosyntropin stimulation test with 17-OHP measurements, and, if confirmatory, DNA testing for CYP21A2 mutations. Follow-up studies should further assess whether the hormonal findings described in this paper improve or worsen in parallel with symptom severity. Finally, if our work is confirmed, consideration may be given to performing a randomized, controlled trial of low-dose dexamethasone (the treatment of choice for patients with CAH) in patients with CP/CPPS to assess whether normalization of these hormonal abnormalities improves symptoms


i will try this Dexamethasone