Popular science and health news articles that may help with pfs

This was an interesting article saying that hot baths and saunas etc have many health benefits including raising nitric oxide:

News story about eating a handful of nuts everyday to improve sperm quality:

So many things decrease sperm quality but there is very little information for how to improve or increase it

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I saw on the news last night. This is interesting about CRISPR and gene editing.


Cold water swimming helps with depression.

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A guy born with no penis had one created. If science can do this I’m sure they can cure pfs.


Keep it going! These are some great articles.

Found this especially intersting:

Within several weeks of the edit made in the dogs, the missing protein was restored in muscle tissue throughout the body, including a 92% correction in the heart and 58% in the diaphragm, the main muscle needed for breathing, according to the study in the journal Science.

^And I was under the impression there was no known way to obtain a systemic effect from gene editing until recently.


Researchers have confirmed that Lavender does help with relaxation and anxiety.


Men having penis fillers

What the scientist has done is completely unethical, but its about CRISPR gene editing.

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It’s about the male pill, but any research into the endocrine system is a good thing.


Genome sequencing ‘revolution’ in diagnosis of sick children

Gut bacteria may have motor neurone disease role