Popping joints

I realize there’s a thread on joint pain, however my joints aren’t aching(yet).

Ever since I’ve crashed, my joints have been popping noticeably. At first it was just the knees when I sat down, but now the last couple of days I’m getting constant popping in my lower legs when I walk, and in my shoulders as well.

Who else has had this, and can anything be done to help? I see where spstriken took Vit D3 and said it helped his joint pain over the course of a month. Perhaps that would help?

I get this…its embarrasing

I still have tis, same problem with my muscles not responding properly and being weak, like they’ve loosened up enough that they can’t hold the joints together properly. This hasn’t improved except sporadically.

I have pain, popping, and clicking in my left knee. My right knee pops and clicks, but there is no pain. The pain in my left knee is below my knee cap, towards the inside of my leg (towards the front of my knee). It feels like my knees are breaking down, but I don’t know what to do about it.

Does anyone have any idea what this means? The pain on my left knee is such that it is now impairing my ability to do most things; it has forced me to cut running and alot of other cardio activities out of my workout routine, plus reducing or eliminating some weight training exercises that I was doing with my legs.

This worries me because I never had any history of knee trouble, but since just this past spring I’ve started to experience these persistent pains which do not appreciably heal or reduce in magnitude with time. The extent of my running is a two mile jog once a week and now I fear that this may be too much because it leaves me limping around for a few days afterword and never really heals by the next time that I go out for my next run the following week.

Has any member seen an orthopedist about these “popping joints” and their knee or other joint pain?

Yes, I’ve seen a couple, spent $600 on custom arch supports, and gone to a physical therapist. The problem isn’t structural, it’s weak muscles from a hormone imbalance. It’s the same reason why old people have joints that pop.

I’ve done two things that have helped. The first is limiting hours sitting. My muscles actually get stuck in the wrong place when they are stationary which forces other muscles that aren’t being used out of place. The tight muscles (ligaments, tendons) remain tight and the loose muscles remain loose. When you move and hear the popping joints it’s the muscles popping in and out.

The second is basing all of my exercise on as natural of movements as possible without crutches that throw strain on the body. I had to dump all of my padded shoes and switch to Vibram five fingers vibramfivefingers.com so I could feel the ground and control my posture better. All of my exercises now are based on strengthening the core and full body movements.

The second is eating a paleo diet with enough protein and calories whenever I exert myself. The protein shakes really improved my joints popping after working out, I think they keep enough fuel in the muscles so they don’t get so weak.

Unfortunately though I still have popping joints, it’s just a question of magnitude.

I was reading around about this, and at least in my case, I thought that a lot of my symptoms are (as far as I can tell from what I read) consistent with some sort of damage to the meniscus of the knee. The symptoms that ring a bell with me in particular include things like popping sounds from twisting the knee (as I turn around while standing), and some “jumping of the joint” as it feels like my knee joint sticks and pops loose a few times during movement of the joint. My symptoms are not consistent with damage to the other ligaments in the knee, from what I’ve been able to gather from reading about those.

I hear what you’re saying about the muscles being weak and that being a source; that also sounds very plausible to me. I’ve basically got chicken legs in comparison to my past build, so I can see that playing into it. I also have trouble with sitting for long periods of time; I’ve always had some difficulties here, but these problems have become noticeably worse for me over the past several months. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on, and though I’m not concerned about the popping and clicking per se, I am concerned about the increasing pain I’ve felt in my left knee (especially over the past weeks) since early this past summer because it has become a limiting factor in what I can do with my active life; my knee gets feeling swollen after running and my range of movement is restricted, and the pain is somewhat more intense.

The issue with my knees is complicated by the fact that I have also been on Cipro for the past six weeks. I quit yesterday, but I’m sure that stuff is still circulating in my system somewhere. After a member of this forum mentioned something about Cipro being risky, I looked into it myself. For some reason, I never researched Cipro before I took it; I guess I just assumed that antibiotics were all pretty safe, or perhaps I was preoccupied about the possibility of fixing the problems with my prostate and the pain there that the prospect of additional side effects from the Cipro didn’t seem to matter. Anyways, I discovered after looking around that one of the possible side effects from Cipro may be meniscus tears, so I freaked out a little bit about that; yesterday coincidentally would have been the last day that I took the drug anyways, so the news ended up not shortening the time that I took the Cipro (but for sure it would have had I learned this earlier).

So I guess now that I’m off of the Cipro I’ll see what happens with time. At this point, I wouldn’t point the finger at it because my knees seemingly started to go bad much earlier this year before I got on Cipro (popping and clicking was almost as bad then as it is now). What seems to have changed in the past six weeks is that my knees do not seem to recover from the pain post-exercise like they did earlier in the year (which was already somewhat diminished recovery rates because of Propecia). The pain is especially persistent in my left knee; it seems like it stays almost as bad as it was after the last run, and then it gets even worse thereafter every additional time that I try to go running.

I was having the same problem with running. In fact my whole body wasn’t supporting itself. Depending on your form you take the stride out on certain parts of the body. After fin it switched to my knees too.

Try barefoot running or the vibram five fingers if you haven’t already. You’ll have to start slow but it forces a stride that takes impact off the knees. After you get proficient at barefoot strides your muscles basically lift a little higher because they absorb the impact rather than joints and the cushioning of a marshmallow running shoe. Pm me if you want some more info, there are good sources and books about this.

In fact, I had trouble with pain in my feet after running throughout my entire life; pain in my feet had been a problem for as long as I can remember. I mentioned this to one of my peers at work over a year ago, who advised me to go to a store called “road runner” in LA, who fit custom insoles to my feet and did the same for selecting shoes for me for a few hundred dollars. Amazingly, I haven’t had any trouble with foot pain ever since; my only regret is that I didn’t know about this when I was younger so that I could have done something about it sooner.

I’m not sure what to do about the knees; I don’t think new shoes and insoles will fix the problem since I’ve already got them. I’m sure it wasn’t the shoes that gave me this knee problem because I had been using them for a while without issue; they were very enjoyable to run in, and there was only very moderate discomfort in my legs after running (which actually felt pretty good and satisfying in some respects).

Yes, please PM me with whatever information or list of sources you have available to review in regards to this issue. I want to head-off this developing problem with my knees, and the best way to do that is to learn as much as I can.

I stopped the Cipro this past Tuesday, and now on Saturday the pain in my left knee has completely disappeared, though I still have clicking and popping in both knees. I had discontinued running at least a couple of weeks ago, but the pain in my left knee was persisting and in fact getting even worse with time. I’m seriously starting to wonder what role Cipro may have played in influencing the trouble I’ve been having with my knees; hopefully the clicking and popping will let up with time as well.

I took ONE DOSE of Levaquin(in the same drug class as Cipro) on Saturday, and my knees have become very tender and sometimes painful. My finger joints in particular have become tender.

Cipro most definitely has these effects on many people. I would be very careful about participating in physical activity for the next few months. Some people have ended up tearing their achilles tendons after only a couple doses of Cipro. Go to askapatient.com and read the experiences with this drug.

Wow that’s amazing; I never would have guessed that Cipro would’ve been so risky to consume, especially if only for short-term usage (though I suppose in light of what I’d already experienced with Propecia, I should’ve known better). I’m definitely going to be very careful about physical activity for the next few months, or at least until I’m sure that this thing with my knees is going to work out favorably.

By the way, the popping and clicking in my right knee has (pretty much) gone away, though I still have this going on in my left knee (but to a lesser extent).


I recently quit finasteride, and have the “popping” problem. Do you know if there’s a medical-solution in taking hormone-preparate to you hormones back in order? Or will time resolve this problem by going on a paleo-diet and workout for a while?

by the way,
did(or do) any of you like me, suffer from hypertension and higher cholesterol values (LDT)?

no resolution yet. for me it’s just a process of managing symptoms.

no hypertension or high blood pressure here.

Yes, I do … hypertension and elevated cholesterol , (range up to 200 ) my value is 186
my LDL is (< 160) 114 and my HDL is (> 35 ) 65

My Joints used to pop more from the poison. Since I started HC they pop less. The only joints I really had an issue with were my elbows. They only pop ocassionally since HC, so Martin is correct regarding the adrenal connection there.

I also had flexibility problems when I quit the drug. Now, the flexibility has definitely improved with HC as well. I’m probably about 75%. Vit D helped with this as well.

Yes, that helped me also a lot , I mean taking Vitamin D supplements at the beginning it wasn’t a big help because my intake was about 20 i/u from a supermarket combined with 400 mg calcium(too low) but as I switched to higher concentrated stuff this helped me a lot with the beginning of joints problems. Also with the pain in my sciatica nerve.

which “higher concentrated stuff” for vitaminD did you use ? Sorry, where does “HC” stand for?

I don’t know what HC stands for(maybe Boston can explain it to you) but with higher concentrated stuff I mean medications/supplements with 1000 Units per pill and I am now taking about 6-7 of it daily that means 6000-7000 units . You have to buy it in a drugstore. I take the vigantoletten1000 I’d rather take other brands because this one is from Merck but most of the drugstores in my location only sell this one .
there were also studies which claims that people who have low vitamin D levels tend to hypertension . But I can’t find the source I think even doctor Irwig said it but I’m not that sure . So when you take Vitamin D pills please do regular bloodtest because it could lead to calcifications. So I mean your calcium and Vitamin D values have to be tested regularly.