Poll for guys with numb orgasms

Hello, I commented this in another thread and it got me wondering: I don’t see a lot of guys complaining about dull or pleasureless orgasms, and if they do they are usually younger. Just from what I’ve seen, the older guys with PFS usually experience ED and lower libido with some sensitivity issues but orgasm isn’t mentioned a lot. Since DHT is implicated in sexual maturation, I’m wondering if guys who took propecia in their late teens or early 20s are the ones mainly suffering from this specific symptom. So just choose whether you took propecia before or after 25, and only vote if you suffer from this symptom. I think I fucked up making the poll so just choose 1 answer please

  • Under 25
  • Over 25

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Guys, has anyone be able to even temporarily restore their numb orgasms? I believe the issue comes from an inflamed prostate damaging nerves around it and think we all have inflamed prostate due to hormonal damage.

My orgasms have less contractions, no good burning or warm feeling, the build-up lasts very short and climax ends quickly. Back then even my feet and gluteus muscles contract. Now no sensation on my PC muscles anymore… Is this 100% reversible for fully recovered people?

I highly doubt this theory…SSRIs are able to reduce genital sensation within 30 minutes of taking them (A study proved this)…Additionally i dont have only numb genitals but my skin on the whole body is numb as well (A common complaint in SSRIs but to a lesser extent in PFS). That my friend you cant get from inflamed prostate

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I got an numb orgasm at 24 and now I’m 27 and ready to be 28 soon…

Same here brother. Haven’t felt an orgasm really since I was 20 and I’m 28 now

Some days it’s better than others ,but generally it’s pleasureless climax

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This is the symptom that I feel most worrisome that will not resolve

For the first 4 years or so with pfs I had absolutely pleasure less orgasms. It was just the sensation of some liquid coming out, no real feeling. My body wouldn’t feel horny either, just kinda feeling pressure in certain areas as this really watery ejaculate would build up

During periods of temporary recovery though that would change completely and I’d feel totally better in this area

Now going on 10 years it is much much better. I can say that pleasure less is completely gone. It does feel good, just to varying degrees. When I’m in a temporary recovery, like 100% better. Outside of that, definitely good with the occasional very good orgasm