As a long term PFS sufferer, I have tried a small amount of marijuana and it has:

  • improved symptoms the few times I tried it
  • improved symptoms consistently with extended use
  • improved symptoms and then stopped working
  • has not improved my symptoms
  • I am not a long-term sufferer
  • I am a long-term sufferer but haven’t tried marijuana

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I want to focus on some of the basic properties of cannabis sativa and stress that we are considering only MODERATE USAGE IN SMALL DOSES FOR THOSE SUFFERING PFS (post Finasteride Syndrome) FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME, IDEALLY WITH STABILIZED SYMPTOMS (for me this took at least 15 months to stabilize). The information here will be from Wiki unless stated otherwise. The main beneficial properties this thread will explore are vasodilation which includes muscle relaxation and benefits to the nervous system/brain. I’ve had beneficial experiences the couple times I’ve consumed small amounts of marijuana. (EDIT: It’s important that the marijuana is high grade however. You want the best parts of the plant, bud, fire, or mids. Bad parts of the plant can actually be negative for anyone, such as stick, stems, and seeds, so know what your using before you use it.) I shared my marijuana experiences below along with links to other posts of PFS sufferers on this forum who have tried marijuana.




There are others but I don’t have the patience to try and understand their reaction chains. L-Arganine no longer works for me and now creates an opposite effect similar to prescription muscle relaxers. Same thing with magnesium, b vitamins, and most every other supplement that’s been discussed on this forum. Bottom line, vasodilation is something good for those of us who have shrunken penises, erection problems, and problems with mental facilities possibly due to decreased blood flow.


The prostate and ejaculation are controlled by smooth muscles which have actions of vasodilation and vasoconstriction. Vasodilation is also what would open the penis up for blood, the main source of fullness and weight. Extended vasoconstriction leads us to the small, wrinkly, empty penis.



-Nerves/Brain: both of these are benefitted by THC, the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana. Most notably as read in this quote from Wikipedia:

Some of us have had symptoms similar to those of MS patients. Mew was affected by what doctors termed “Benign Fasciculation Syndrome”, an unexplained twitching of the muscles. Read about it in his member story:


While this isn’t exactly MS, aspects of it are similar and others like myself have had which include muscle twitches, rigid & weak muscle weakness, and decrease in motor control.

TCH’s antioxidant properties have been shown to block deposits in the brain that cause Alzheimer’s disease. TCH increases appetite, which counters the lack of hunger feeling some of us have experienced. There are a number of other benefits but the the two biggest, opening blood flow to the penis and fueling the nervous system with calming properties, are enough for argument’s sake.


Why did I choose to post about this? I’ve had a few 100% temporary recoveries, one recovery which happened after a number of factors including a viral infection of the liver and some marijuana cakes in Amsterdam (lasted 2 weeks), and another this week after taking one small hit from a joint on Saturday (still in progress days later although I am reverting slowly back to the standard post fin state). I didn’t get high, just a little relaxed, more comfortable, talkative, and stimulated, which reinforces my belief that it can be beneficial IN SMALL DOSES. Small doses are key, because larger doses induce anxiety, which is very counterproductive to the PFS condition.

I’ve noted improvement in the following areas:

  • muscle relaxation all over but especially in my left shoulder, where usually the back and neck muscles are so tight the joints are displaced
  • improved balance
  • improved thought process and ability to interact with people (reduced anxiety)
  • more general stamina and warmer body temp
  • return of proper male body shape and reduced facial swelling
    -------- INCREASED LIBIDO (note that this is the general opposite I get from consuming stimulants such as caffeine)
    -------- INCREASED SENSITIVITY (noticeable even when washing in the shower and there is a better feeling during sex)
    -------- IMPROVED ORGASM (no bodily twitches after orgasm, increased feeling, longer duration)

There is a lot of conflicting information out about marijuana. It was used all over the world for medical purposes throughout recorded history. It was used in the United States until the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 made it illegal (along the same lines as alcohol prohibition) through disinformation, fear mongering, and some unified special interest groups. It is currently used for medicinal purposes in some states and it is an UNADULTERATED PLANT, not a chemical concoction. It is not a plant derivative like cocaine nor made solely through a chemical process such as amphetamines. Pharma companies don’t like it because they cannot patent and sell it. Basically it’s safe in moderate amounts and it’s impossible to consume enough to kill yourself. However there are newer, more potent strains which are probably not beneficial to getting high than fixing our problems, to be avoided in my opinion. There is no evidence that marijuana causes any negative issues with moderate use in small amounts. There are some people that can be affected when taking high amounts of potent TCH filled marijuana at a young age, but flooding our more mature bodies is not what is being considered here.

I want to try some more when my symptoms come back, probably in 5-10 days if history is a tell, however I’m worried that the benefits will go away after time like other things. I still have to secure a source. The best thing marijuana has going for it in this regard is a wider range of effect than just antidepressants which singularly affect the nervous system or something like L-Arganine the precursor to Nitros Oxide which singularly can increase penis size if the body breaks it down properly. Marijuana (depending on the strain and dosage) can act as a mental stimulant while simultaneously acting as a muscle relaxer.

Now come the big questions:

Has anyone who has been off fin for more than a year tried small doses of marijuana regularly? And has there been any need for increasing the dose to get the same result or does it stop working? I want to know if it could be a long term solution or similar to so many other things it stops having an effect. On the medical marijuana boards it seems that long term use with higher amounts leads to lessening of the “high” but consistent symptom management for those seeking benefits for nerve conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS). Keep in mind it’s easy to both long term dose (orally consumed marijuana can last up to 24 hours) and micro dose (smoked marijuana lasts about 10 hours) for symptom management.

Here are links to some threads here for people here who have tried marijuana post fin. The first are first hand accounts of people who have had positive reactions, the second brings up a concern of brain fog.



Personally I haven’t had a brain fog issue in some time after changing my diet to a paleolithic one and eliminating sugar and stimulants. I’m still exploring other options. I feel great right now though and would be happy if I could replicate this effect for the rest of my life with a plant rather than pursuing further hormonal treatment. With physical improvements such as a warm penis due to vasodilation and increased blood flow, warmer body temp, and functioning erections I could consider myself coping enough to function normally.

There would of course be some drawbacks such as dry, red eyes but considering I already have them does this really matter? And if my cognitive function is impaired perhaps marijuana can actually shake something loose in the brain, something that happens to creative people who take marijuana. Overall my cognitive function has turned from being a creative person, photographer, writer, and someone who loves travel to a boring person more suited to cost accounting or factory production.

So the final question is would any side effects be worse than the ones we already have from fin, and if they improve some of the sides and allow a warm penis again, some sexual function, and relaxation for other rigid muscles why wouldn’t we pursue such treatment considering our other options? I can’t take the question of illegality seriously, we all know fin should be illegal but the same assholes who approved selling it to us under false marketing are the ones that have a monetary interest in keeping marijuana illegal where it still is illegal.

It’s funny that you have posted this because I was just wondering the same thing. Some of my friends at uni smoke good weed everyday, that sort of thing is not for me but instead of drinking a whole lot of beer i have started to get high with them occasionally and it feels great. I actually like to get quite high, as I find there is less anxiety and just pure enjoyment whereas if I have a little bit, it just makes me very sketchy.

I have cut out the binge drinking already, and I drink a little red wine and smoke some weed from time to time instead. It definitely makes my symptoms a bit better.

Joe, how often and for how long have you tried marijuana post fin? How long have you been off fin and have you stabilized?

Martin keep us update on this if it does continue to give you some positve results. I know your outside the US right now, so I imagine it’s easier to get weed.

Here in the US people with horrible recognized diseases can’t get it legally, so we would have been in touch with the drug community. I certainly have no means of getting it through drug dealers either. It’s shame if it actually offers some temporary help we wouldn’t even be able to get any.

Sure thing Boston. It’s actually not that easy to get in Russia because of the growing season being short and a heavy use of alcohol and chemical drugs. I’ll keep updating here. I’m really impressed with the fact my body temp is warm even though it’s getting colder and I have a full, warm, non-shrinking penis.

With so many views it’s kind of disappointing to have so few poll responses here, I don’t think this avenue has been really explored yet. Hopefully more will come.

I took a hit from the bong last night and come to some conclusions…

  1. We’re in deep shit. My whole nerves system started buzzing out everywhere but my dick, which used to go crazy when i was wasted prefin…
  2. Alex Smiths [EDIT: Alex Miller’s] theory could be right
  3. Marijuana could be helpful with long term use, i think other drugs have potential also, non synthetic opioids?
  4. Merck are cunts . They have known about this for a long time, someone on the inside of the drug trials must know something, have they been threatened to keep quiet? No doubt

Martin i really dont know what type i was using i was just shouted by a mate, it would have just been what his dealer had nothing special.
It felt like it woke nerves up they tingled nicely, unfortantantly everywhere but the penis, although i did feel an initial zing in my penis.
It was good to have geniune laugh and feel some happyness, i feel more relaxed post smoking it, but in terms of libido, i got nothing.
I will try again because of the positive effect it had on my nervous system, but as i said in the above post i think we are in deep shit and it might take something a bit stronger than weed to sort this out.

I’m going to edit this into the first post here, it’s important that marijuana being used is high grade. You want buds, not low grade stuff, and all strains have different effects. I’ve gotten some shit that I tried out and got only a very minor relaxing and sexual boost but got really dumb for a few days. I’ve posted on some MMJ message boards and found that what I have from parts of the plant that shouldn’t be consumed, so the friend who gave it to me was just giving me his leftover shit he didn’t want and was going to throw away. In fact, some stuff gives you only negative feelings, so it’s important to only try good stuff.

Please post on this thread if you try it especially if you’re a long-term sufferer and are using at least mids to high grade bud, either eaten or smoked, and be detailed about the effects.

I remembered this thread, that i wrote on it the first time i smoked a bow after fin and had some good effects but not sexually. Then i started smoking with a women and my libido exploded.
I had been smoking consistantly (1-2-3 times per week) with steady results. I had actually been feeling alright during this time even looking back my brain fog was a little reduced. I have now gone 2 weeks with none and i am right back where i started, fog to fuck, never in the mood for sex etc, i have some on the way though.

Possibly the reason why this is working for me is found in the bottom line of the wiki page for allopreg

And follow the en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neurogenesis link to find one potential treatment, could also explain why i have not been able to learn anything new since fin.

My results haven’t been steady. I still use it to abate penile shrinkage but it doesn’t help the libido department as it did the first use.

I also have an inability to learn since fin. It’s miserable.

I know if i did it everyday it would loose effectiveness, but 1,2 maybe 3 a week im fine, really strange that it has lost all effect with you martinm. I will continue to use.

Not being funny, but this could be attributed to long term marijuana use. Ultimately, getting stoned is not good for anyone in the long term - especially in the mental department. I do understand that people with athritis have been treated with marijuana successfully.

Even if your ability to learn has been impaired by fin, marijuana certainly won’t help matters in this area. Maybe you’ll be more creative, but not more able to learn !

Many more things than arthritis are treated by cannabis. Chronic heavy marijuana usage is obviously associated with memory loss. No one is talking about that. Fin may have indeed caused nerve or brain damage (likely i think given it crosses the blood/brain barrier and inhibits potent neurosteriods). However this broad statement you made isnt accurate as it possible marijuana or certain properties from the plant can activate areas of the bodies neural or cannabis system (such as those dealing with libido in tim’s case or other areas that may promote a more active brain state than that which fin may have left some of us in).

There has been a lot of propaganda against cannabis for obvious reasons however the full medical benefits are not known.

Chi you have obviously never smoked?


I tried it and my entire body was fucked for over a week and then a slow recovery back to the base state of my fin problems.

It was terrible… i thought i was going to die. I would touch my body and i wouldnt be able to feel it for 6 seconds… then i would feel the touch… this lasted for a week… I kept a journal and reading back on those 7 days i really thought i had fucked myself up big time by smoking that weed…

I couldn’t focus worth either… iw ould try and read a book but couldnt even make sense of the first sentence…

Thats really sad for you, because i am getting good results from pot.

Had you smoked weed pre fin?

“Cannabichromene, one of the many cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, has been shown to reduce inflammation.”


I’ve read many first hand accounts that it’s used for inflammation issues such as chrones disease, Parkinson’s, etc.

FYI, different types have different levels of cannabis and they evaporate at different temperatures.

Yes, I have. Dealt too, but before and during uni. I grew out of it in the end and then totally stopped smoking everything a while back, ultimately it’s not healthy. I prefer to do sports. However, if one of you guys get’s cured from it of course i will consider it, but i’m not the one trying this long term. Smoking will lessen T for one.

I don’t think it’s being touted as a cure. Simply something that is helping manage symptoms. Personally, i don’t get any of the lasting benefits you guys get, i just get a huge increase in libido and penile sensitivity when i am high. I haven’t touched any in about 4 months though.