Pokertje TRT Log

Hi guys,

I wanted to keep you updated on what I’m doing right now.
Since about a month I have started to do TRT enathate, I’m doing 125mg every 4 days. (might be a bit much but after some research on youtube I found out that it’s better to start bigger and to decrease than the other way around).
Also I’m doing 500IU of HCG 3 times a week to keep the testicles going. I’m on my 7th injection now and the things I am noticing are:
-Bigger muscles
-Maybe a bit faster annoyed
-Starting to develop acne
-Funny thing is I’m not really developing gyno (yet), maybe that will come when things start to balance out, might reduce the dosage then.

All my side effects are sexual related and I’m hoping that the TRT will somehow help to alleviate this. So far it has done nothing in this regard but I’m keeping my hopes up that I’ll start noticing things soon, if I don’t feel anything in the next couple of months to a year than I’ll probably stop.

If I see any other changes I’ll keep you guys posted, if anyone has some advice or tips for me it’s always welcome.

Cheers guys.


What was your T?

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In the last year I have done 3 bloodtests.
test 1: 500ng/dl
test 2: 600 ng/dl
test 3 545 ng/dl (that was right before I did the TRT, I wanted a complete bloodwork before I started)

Now I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:


So these were ur natural levels? And u are on trt now and are feeling some benefits? Idk why no one mentions their free T anywhere ! Free T is more important than total T.

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Yeah these are pre TRT free T levels, and the only benefit so far is the musclegain. Nothing sexual yet. And that is exactly the reason I’m doing this, to alleviate the sexual symptoms.

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Hey guys just wanted to ask for your guys advice.
For those that have experience with TRT.
I have injected my 10th dose of TRT today (125mg every 4 days), and I’m kindda getting worried cause my muscles are growing at an abnormal rate, it’s not even funny anymore how big they have become in just 40 days.
Sexual sides are still thesame, I don’t feel any different than usual. It’s just the musclegrowth.

Any suggestions? Stopping completely? Cutting the dosage? Anyone?

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That’s awesome that your muscles are recovering so fast. Wastage is one of my worst symptoms, along with fatigue and low libido.

However, both your Test and Hcg dose is way too high. I would cut the Hcg down to no more than 1000iu’s per week total so not to burn out your leydig cells. That alone may help the libido dept.

The Trt dose is almost certainly too high as well. That dose amounts to 218mg/week, which is like a high “cruise” for bodybuilding folks…no wonder you’re getting swole AF! I’d cut the Test back at least 20-30%. Maybe try something like 80mg every 3.5 days (e.g. Sun morning and Wed evening)…easy to keep up with. Test your levels again a month out, or if you’re still feeling “edgy,” then you can cut it back by another 20%.

There is definitely a sweet spot where you feel best, but bear in mind that the sexual stuff is also affected by hormones, brain chemistry, and of course the health of the penis itself. So getting the hormones optimized - while crucial - may only amount to solving 1/3 of the problem.


Your TRT dose is indeed very high. 100-150mg of Test E per week should suffice. Better to inject a small dose every day than a big single dose. But it’s also more of a hassle.

I would also try to source some Progesterone because it will be suppressed from TRT and it’s very important to create neurosteroids.

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Pokertje, do you still use TRT?

Yes I do, have been doing 150mg a week for 7 months and since last week switched to 100mg a week due to high blood pressure.
Gained 10kg muscle but thats about it, no changesmin symptoms which are almost all sexual. I will continue the TRT for another year and a half because there is another story on here which stated that its a slow process which may take up to 1.5 year. (at least the guy in the story recovered after 1.5 year).
If the TRT will work I will probably stay on it forever or until the foundatio finds a real cure and if it doesnt work i will stop and use a PCT to restore some of the damage.
If there will be any significant changes i will update you guys.


Keep strong mate and don’t let you put down by the negative anti-TRT narrative.