Please share your temporary recovery stories

Hello. I’ve recently had a short period of feeling good. I think my experience is very important for finding certain underlying mechanisms for what is happening with PSSD, and I think that everyone should explain their stories in detail as well, I will start.

A couple weeks back I started doing fecal matter transplants. after about a week I introduced capsules for the FMT, this is when stuff started happening. I almost instantly started feeling different. I started feeling a twitching on the side of my left eye, but in the brain. my brain started to feel almost hot, like blood was rushing through. after maybe a day or so I began to feel very tired, this feeling was quite nice as I’ve had trouble sleeping since PSSD started, but it was crazy because my eyes felt like they need rest, almost instantly after laying in bed I would fall asleep. I woke up to this feeling of optimism that I haven’t experienced in over two years. I had almost no urge to even think about PSSD, I became slightly interested in doing things again, very slightly. this is when the physical changes started occurring.

After PSSD my body completely changed how things worked, my body wouldn’t really produce sweat as much anymore, and the sweat wouldn’t really smell, my hair/face would basically stop producing oil, my acne would almost completely disappear, the boogers in my eyes would be non-existent when I would wake up. My earwax production in my right ear didn’t really produce any earwax. I also had tinnitus in my left ear. something I recently noticed is that the “dick cheese” would be non-existent as well, my body seemed to never become sore, no matter how much I exercised. However, during this increase in quality of life that I experienced over a few days span, I would also notice extreme physical changes.

  • My back literally had 30+ pimples on it, which I would maybe have one before the FMT.
  • When I would wake up my eyes would be crusted over with eye boogers.
  • My body seemed hot, and I was sweating quite a bit, and the sweat actually smelled like body odor.
  • The oil on my skin started producing again, along with acne. along with hair feeling almost wet from the amount of oil my scalp was producing.
  • I woke up to this feeling of soreness, not quite like after a massive workout, but maybe a slight workout, it felt like my bodys muscles were recovering, or gaining muscle.
  • When I went to wash myself, my penis had an insane amount of “dick cheese” that I haven’t seen in years.
  • I remember using a q-tip on my right ear, and it was producing just as much earwax as my normal ear.
  • My tinnitus subsided during this time.

I know most of us have mental and physical symptoms, but I’ve noticed so many physical symptoms tied to when I was feeling better.

also, I didn’t explain the sexual changes, but during this time I had intense sexual dreams, and woke up with massive morning wood. Everyone focuses on sexual side effects, but IMO the others are more life altering.


Hey man,
I’ve had two moments of clear recovery. I’m talking mostly about the sexual side effects as now it’s the only life altering thing for me.
When I first noticed my symptoms aren’t going away I stopped taking Roaccutane for a couple of weeks before consulting with my dermatologist who then persuaded me to continue. And at that time there was one day, just one day when my libido fully returned to me for no reason(I felt like I was 15 again). I had extremely good mood and felt abundance of sexual energy. But afterwards it disappeared like it was a dream.
Then almost a year later when I fully developed my PAS, I decided to try 5-HTP + L-Tyrosine combination to mitigate my ED and PE symptoms. And a couple of weeks after I started taking it, it worked. I restored control over my body. Erection became predictable reaction again. Sex drive was close to normal. Once I felt so much arousal my refractory period decreased to a couple of minutes, literally. But despite all that, it didn’t feel like 100% recovery (more like 85% due to some genital numbness and slower developing arousal).
It appeared suddenly in the morning again and it faded away completely in 2-2,5 weeks.
I wasn’t able to reproduce this recovery, so I have no clue what triggered that moment and why it disappeared again.

I too have had several days where everything returned to normal. A probiotic did it a few times but stopped working.

There’s just so much we don’t understand about this mysterious condition. If people continue to donate to research initiatives we may have it figured out in a decade or two.


I was cured sexually twice by taking antibiotics, that’s why I think I may have systemic infection or something like that I dunno.

that’s exactly how i feel with the FMT. it’s like everything was going so smoothly, then the effects started to fizzle out. it shows me that the body is capable of coming back, but there is something keeping it from continuing to progress.

even though antibiotics and FMT are polar opposites, i think these both impact hormones in some way. and it shows with all of the symptoms that i endured while starting to feel better. i was reading where people’s asthma went away when they developed this condition, and immediately thought it was autoimmune related. however, asthma is due to fluctuation of hormones. this is also why i believe people feel better when sick. is because their hormones are changing, and normalizing to an extent. this isn’t blood hormones that i’m talking about. it’s the hormones that are in the brain. like i said above, i could literally feel things changing in my brain

i’m glad you are seeing such improvement. i also took accutane, but never really noticed much change in myself. my issues came after taking a single dose of trazodone for sleep. i looked at the mechanism of this drug. and it has effects on some hormones. i believe that our body’s didn’t approve of these changes and put us into a “safe mode”. it’s just so frustrating to feel so good for a few days, just to be set back to square one

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Initially I didn’t have any significant symptoms while I was on Accutane. But after the dose increased I crashed in a moment. So there’s definitely some sort of trigger to start this miserable state.

I had libido back one time i was on carnivor diet plus was on no fap for 2 weeks and my libido came back, then i masturbated 5 times and everything was lost again, can’t recreate the same scenario again.

so you think the masturbation caused your improvements to stop? i also masturbated during this time of bliss, and it could have triggered the blockage. i don’t know how else to describe what i went through. but my body was literally physically recovering.

If i keep going with no fap i don’t think it will cure me or anything, it was just one time thing, temporary recovery. And never happened again, doubt no fap can fix it…before accutane if i didn’t musturbate for a day i would be mad horny.

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i agree. but it’s like a reaction to the influx in brain activity from masturbation in my opinion. when i was experiencing this bliss, i hadn’t masturbated, after what you wrote, it seems like the orgasm overwhelmed the body into restoring back to the previous state. kind of like what i expect what happened to put us in this state to begin with

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Who knows it’s all to complicate to solve

i know it’s complicated to solve. but we need to keep compiling our experiences to solve this. the way i was feeling in those few days was amazing. like i was going to recover within a month. i really think masturbation interrupted my progress. maybe this is why a lot of people recover, and a lot don’t. because they trigger a setback with masturbation, and then the technique doesn’t work anymore


To me it sounds crazy, but maybe you’re right. I mean I don’t believe in magical properties of nofap. Like if you can’t even masturbate how would you maintain regular sex life in a relationship? And I don’t think it’s healthy in general. But we’re talking not about healthy condition but some weird state. Maybe it’s a wrong memory, but it seems that my recovery drasticaly faded away right after I decided to test how much of my sexual abilities returned and got lots of arousal.


yes i would say that’s what exactly happened to me. however this was accompanied by all of my physical changes also going back to square one. there’s no explanation or certainty that it all happened because of masturbstion. but that was definitely a factor that changed.

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also i’m not saying that we would have to do nofap forever. i think it’s just about doing it for a certain amount of time during recovery until the body/brain can reach a point of stabilization. it honestly wouldn’t blow me away that this was the problem in staying in this hell. one of the easiest ways to test if you’re recovering is to go have an orgasm.

Really no fap need a lot of discipline, when i do no fap for 10 days i feel more horney and i get aroused just by looking to beautiful girls, but just after faping my libido go down and dead dick again

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Nofap forever seems like a viable perspective for me cause I almost don’t feel any urge to do it anymore, and orgams are so bleak it’s hard to notice. But at the same time I still have pretty strong interest in girls and feel smth like excitement if I really like her. It feels like my sexuality got restored in the mind but also got detached from my body.

I’ve had temporary recoveries with the following:

  1. 1 week recovery with thyroid (T3)
  2. 1 week recovery with pregnenolone/dhea/T3 (thyroid)
  3. 1 day recovery with nandrolone decanoate
  4. GHB recovery for a few days
  5. I also felt temporary semi-recoveries when I went back on finasteride in early days of pfs

It’s crazy I honestly felt like I had found the cure with these recoveries. It was an instant flip of the switch mentally and like my brain was finally awake and emotions were back. I just felt so normal for a short while. I think about the temporary recoveries all the time. Even my physical/sexual symptoms improved over night (muscles/dick etc).

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