Please share results with a ketogenic or high fat intake diet


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Take vitamin B and biotin on empty stomach



pork chop

if i eat pork, i feel worse. dunnow why. i ate loin, specifically. and cured meat. i remember well the day i ate loin, i had an anxiety attack.


100 gr cheese

another thing that maybe doesn’t work for me… when i wanted to get fat to fast, i ate full fat milk, and yogurt… i felt worse.


reduction of estrogen which is an antagonist to progesterone. Progesterone converts into allopregnanolone (for those without pfs) and along with the 5ar, I’m trying to get those two neurosteroids back on track.

about this point… i’t’s months that i’m trying to figure out the progesterone enigma. at least for me is an enigma. We know that P -> DHP -> ALLO. But we also know that P is a 5-alpha inhibitor (maybe at huge quantities). So, is P good or bad for 5ar? I suppose that, basically, what P does is keeping the 5ar busy in converting P into DHP. @axolotl, i think that would be useful to have on this forum some expert physicians in dermatology, endocrinology etc. to shed some light on our doubts. what do you think?


I would top it with a mix of feta cheese and olives

oh, i used to love feta. by the way, aprt form the pfs, i know for sure that eating cheese is very bad for our bones. the fact is that, yes, they’re rich of calcium but they also cause blood acidification and inflammation. to fix this problem our body needs calcium. and what is the biggest calcium source in the body? yes, bones.


I will change my diet by removing the morning coffee and all dairy products.

what about butter and ghee?

Hi Go.

-Vitamin B absorbs better on an empty stomach.

-Pork is the hardest to digest. chicken and fish are the easiest. I don’t eat pork past 1pm and I don’t eat beef past 6pm.

-I would also feel bad with milk and yogurt. Way too much carbs. Cheese has 3 gr per 100 gr of cheese. So does 35% cream. I stick to those 2 dairies. Butter is negligeable in carbs and calcium, and Ghee has none of those.

oh, i used to love feta. by the way, aprt form the pfs, i know for sure that eating cheese is very bad for our bones. the fact is that, yes, they’re rich of calcium but they also cause blood acidification and inflammation. to fix this problem our body needs calcium. and what is the biggest calcium source in the body? yes, bones.

-From what I know, that comes from having too much calcium in proportion to magnesium. That’s why I don’t go heavy on dairies and I take more than 100% rdi of magnesium

-I won’t remove butter and ghee, and on second thought I won’t remove the little cheese and cream here and there. I might remove the coffee because insomnia is my main problem and caffeine stays 24 hours in the body.,

  • Your division in a) b) and c) is a good rule of thumb, but it seems we’re all different and what works for one does not for another. I’m only sure of one thing: doing nothing changes nothing. Diet has worked for me, exercise makes me feel better, and I bet without pfs those two would have made me feel better anyway.
    Now I will try alteredlife amino acid method because it makes sense to me, it’s harmless and because why not ?


I just found out 3 peanuts gives me anxiety. Nice. One more on the list of things that gives me anxiety !


I now take coconut oil 2 tbsp and 11000ui of vitamin D at lunch and I take half of RDI of magnesium in the afternoon (so I can urinate the extra) as well as a 0 carb protein shake that containd 6gr of glutamine, some Glycine, Tryptophan, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine as well as 8 gr. of BCAAs. All of those helps the insomnia, the brain fod, as well as the groin-brain connection. Plus its made to grow muscle and with the weight lifting Im doing, it does that well.
I decided to move the zinc at dinner, 50mg, as it is uneasy on the stomach unless you buy it in food state.
Before bed, I take coconut oil, 2 tbsp, 1 piece of 99% dark chocolate, some small qty of magnesium chloride and a small protein shake with just water and 2 scoops of powder. I still take sleeping pills.
Im juicing green stuff like cabbage, spinach, kale, celery, and I drink it both during the afternoon and before sleep. Cabbage seems to help with sleep. As a result, sleep has greatly improved. I wake 4-6 times, very drowsy and goes right back to sleep. Before, even with the sleeping pills, I would wake up after 3 hours, and then be in a dreaming zombie state where I would wake up 30-50 times with slight dreams in between and no rest at all. I still have the lack of pleasure and motivation, emotional dullness, but I havent received all the aminos I`m counting on testing on myself, which are as follow. Most of them are for the neurological symptoms and are revolving around the GABA (A) and Dopamine receptors, the creation of the calming neurosteroids and the decrease of cortisol.


Gaba (100mg-3gr) (can be too much. Try 100-250mg) Update: That made me worst. I stopped
Glycine (1000 mg) (2-3gr) Before Sleep Update: That’s good, but 1000 mg is enough
L-Theanine (200mg) at night or when stressed Update: Taken during the day is better
Glutamine (5-10 gr.) Before sleep Update: That’s good. It makes me sleepy for 1-2 hours
Tryptophan (500-1000mg) Before sleep , up to 3 X a day Update: That made me worst. I stopped
L-Arginine (1000mg) before sleep (for growth hormone) Update: It gives me boners during the night
Ornithine (1-5gr)Before sleep, Convert Amonia into citruline, create Nitric oxide for erections.Update: Same
Taurine (500mg) before sleep. Stimulate the GABA (A) receptor in absence of allopregnanolone. Update: That made me worst. I stopped

5-HTP (100mg) Twice a day. Update: Great, makes me calm and confident; assertive.
Tyrosine (500-) with 5-HTP. Update: Also good. Clears brain fog, help with concentration and focus.
DLPA (500-1000mg) Update: I take it in the daytime.Still testing it.
Pregnanolone (5 to 25mg) before exercise Update: I upped the dose to 400 mg, felt great for a while then started feeling bad. I slowly decreased to zero with withdrawal symptoms. I may start again at 10-25 mg
L-DOPA (350 mg) Stimulant, feels good, boost sex drive, Update: I take it in the daytime, morning and 3pm. This one puts me in a good mood.

I will work out more specific doses and timing, and post my results.


Hi all -

Just happened to pop back in search for “keto” as I picked up a keto diet after learning that such a diet has been used for treating seizure disorders - I do not have a seizure disorder, but primarily suffer from depression, anxiety and neurological-type symptoms.

I can say with confidence that my keto diet has been the first thing in my 7 years off finasteride that has had a strong correlation to a marked period of improvement. Am I cured? Absolutely not. However, after about 2 weeks on the diet I noticed periods of significantly better mood and less severe panic attacks. I also noticed certain somatic anxiety symptoms - vision issues, sweating palms, fluttering heart, etc. - have not been as pronounced during activities which typically trigger these symptoms.

I have been keto for about a month now, and given that I believe I am continuing to see improvements, I plan to maintain a ketogenic diet for the foreseeable future.




Did it help with libido or any sexual issues, if you have those?

Could you give us an example of what you eat on a normal day? I am going to try this soon.


I have been on a ketogenic/carnivore diet for almost 5 months. ALL symptoms are improving, including physical sexual ones. But the most impressive was the neurological ones, which disappeared within a week or two.

I also take at least one whey protein isolate shake (32 gr.) every day, sometimes twice. It adds up, but the ketogenic diet is by far the single, most efficient thing I’ve done to regain my health.

I’m fine tuning the rest with specific amino acids taken individually and I can say I’m more better than before I crashed (better than in the last 3 years and I crashed 7 months ago.)

I’m not cured, but I’m almost symptom free. Insomnia remains to some degree, but sleep quality is generally good enough to get me through the day without problem.


I posted this somewhere else but it is relevant to this thread so I will repost. Something happened to me 3 months ago which has both killed my libido completely and increased hair loss at the same time (and also increased acne). Libido has dropped from 15-20% to 5%. I am still trying to figure this out but the only change I did was I started eating a lot of eggs (and cheese) because I moved to a place that does not allow meat in the house. So I guess it is possible that my cholesterol has increased which may translate into higher Testosterone and DHT. Many people with PFS feel better with low DHT under conditions mimicking finasteride use. I guess I have to cut the eggs and see if there is an improvement in symptoms.


It’s the eggs. The chicken get fed with soy protein and it goes in their bodies. Chicken contains seven times more estrogen than soy fed beef or pork. The estrogen goes into the eggs as well and it’s type one estrogen, the most detrimental to men. Your hormones gets unbalanced by it, hence the acne, hair and sex drive loss.

Check this out, it will explain everything.

DON’T take Letrozol. It’s really bad for pfs and many have made themselves a lot worst with it.

I do eat eggs once in a while, but I eat organic free range duck eggs.

Ps: Vegans are such unhealthy ideologist freaks. plants have toxins to protect themselves.(cause they can’t run away from predators). Eating only plants is a good recipe for getting sick.


Thanks, man! I’ll look into it.


Here. Look at this second video about the damage of veganism.