Please read this about ZINC


A friend who is dealing with similar symptoms sent me this. He also never took fin/prop/accutane ssri…

This guy claims 80g of zinc brought him back. Anxiety from hormones. No body odor etc, genital numbness no erections.

I tried zinc for 2 weeks and suprisingly got full ,rock hard erections but still no sensitivity, brain connection… maybe i will try it a bit longer!


that guy didn’t have PFS. he clearly stated he had a hormonal imbalance and he had two PFS associated symptoms. this does not mean he had it.

to drive this point further, i put my buddy on a cycle of testosterone. 300mg a week no arimidex. 6 weeks in he became severely depressed, had anxiety, was moody and lost his male scent. he felt alright in the gym. we got blood work done. high total T, high side of the range E2. we put him on arimidex 0.25mg two times a week. within 2 weeks all his negative sides went away and felt like a new person.

did he have PFS just because had anxiety and lack of smell? no. so i highly doubt neither did this guy in the post

if you have PFS, i would stay far away from zinc as it’s a 5ar and aromatase inhibitor at higher doses.


I will be suprised if your buddy will avoid e2 crash few months from now if he stays on this dosage. dont you think same stuff that happened to us can happen to him?


its possible. but probably not. this was over a year ago anyway and he’s perfectly fine


he posted this about 2 months before

Just as follow up:

I found out through trial and error that zinc actually made me worse. The good effects I were reporting was probably from excess estrogens making my hair look better, and skin look fuller through water retention. I lost all sex drive for a months time and all of my physical symptoms worsened. My body odor turned sweet, my penis was dry(and soft) even during masturbation(no precum), no muscle soreness after exercise and my palpitations got worse.

My blood work showed high total testosterone (1051), but with estrogen moderately elevated and high SHBG.

I started back up on shbg lowering + free T raising stuff like vitamin D, fish oil and magnesium. I took the zinc down to 5mg/day(to make sure I wont go deficient) and things have improved very quicky.

Seeing as zinc knocks estrogen off SHBG, I suppose it can increase FREE estrogen, which may have caused my worsened symptoms and blood profile. I don’t think zinc lowers SHBG itself, it may have risen in my case actually.

I think zinc only truly INHIBITS estrogen at high dosages. We’re talking 60+mg here. But I’m not going to toy around with it.


he claims he has loss of male body odor, penis dry( no precum) and breathing difficulties. I am in the same boat but with numbness as tight scrotum as well. I never took prop/fin/acc/ssri , so maybe it will work for me. I tried 75g of zinc a day for about a week, and noticed solid erections , although the numbness, brain/penis discconnection was still there