Please, help me

Guys, I’m feeling very weak, and with a burning in my muscles, please someone help me, I see a lot of people reporting sexual problems, has anyone felt what I’m talking about?

I have been a lazy bastard all my life, “arbeitsscheu” means shy of working. But as a privater I have been on outdoor activities all my life. A sunny day not being active outside in the lake or in the snow or the golden autumn sun or screening the first flowers at springtime was a torture for me.

Yes now for 16 month, even the hottest summer days I stay inside, becoming weaker and more and more tired.

But you as a young guy hanging in for a few months the lights are green to come back to your old self. Some guys like Damon or Andreas got muscles again. Another young guy I know better just cleared off from fatigue. The most persistent issue seems to be the sexual problems. You lucky one don’t have it.

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But try to walk. Force yourself to go outside, to go to the gym, only 15 min on the stepper, force yourself to do something. I did that the first time, but than it can become a devil’s cycle. Hanging on the couch, walking up an down in regret and thoughts, becoming more weak, laying more on the couch, muscles atrophy, getting weaker and more fatigued…

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I always went to the gym with a lot of weight, but after the crash, I’m losing strength.

I’ve stayed as active as possible since I crashed last November…skiing, mountain biking, jogging, push/pullups…and have only lost muscle and continue to lose muscle. Just squish and bone at this point.

I’ve been trying to go to the gym but I’m too weak. do you feel your muscles burning when you lie down? Did you have any improvement or did it just get worse?

No I don’t feel muscles burning when I lie down. No improvement, just continues to get worse.

Is ginger contraindicated?

Depends who you ask


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can you contact me?

Ginger is block 5AR?

Have you ever seen someone saying they’ve recovered?

If anyone has had improvement over time in muscle fatigue and soreness, please come forward.

There’s some recovery stories here and there all over the forum, lurk a bit and mark them up if you want.
From what I have seen, physical symptoms are not as common to recover as purely sexual and mental ones, but there are some cases if you look enough though (also, seems like recovery of side effects are independent from each other, for example, you could improve over one side effect but not the others)

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I am back on this forum after a few years, almost near back to normal.

The thing that helped most was Shilajit, my libido is back and head feeling
itchy again.

People on this forum should do some research Shilajit, it boosts testosterone
and also DHT. It has about 80 different minerals, the one I got from UK comes
from Northern Pakistan.


how r u bro?

Still wasting, now with the added fun of a torn knee ligament. How are you?

I keep losing muscle too, but what happened to make you tear the ligament in your knee?

Skiing accident

Could you post a pic of the container you got yours in? There seem to be a lot of options.