Please help me, just one dose of 0,25mg fin gd fkin dammit


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Took one around 13 o clock. Fapped at around 18 o clock without problems, due to the scaring of people I was like, ah gonna try again at 21 o clock. And I CANT
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Omfg finally
god dammit I was pro fin up to now, read all the studies and stories and finally bit the bullet to take it.
Took it at 13 o clock and felt happy doing something finally against my hairloss. I was trying to abstain from porn but at around 18 o clock I was like, meh gonna try. No problems there, took me slightly longer to ejaculate but kinda was like Woa this is actually good.
Tried again at 21 and I cant get hard, not even aroused. NOT AT ALL

Please guys I’m really trembling and shaking and don’t know what the fuck should I do.

EDIT: Update of symptoms I had after crash
I think I should update this whole thing finally,

4 hours after the ED notice+ next day symptoms

  • EXTREME heartrace for 5hours at night
  • 30min sleep for full night due to
  • having to pee every 20minutes
  • extreme vidid imagination instantly upon clothing my eyes
  • total body shakiness
    Next day:
  • complete apathy to everything, I couldn’t recognize myself in a mirror, it was as staring at a stranger, looking at my hands was completely like through a screen of a video game, Not able to receive any pleasure from anything
  • parents felt like objects, 0 human connection
  • erotic material literally put me off, couldn’t watch it and didn’t make a difference reading an article or looking at fav pornstars
  • head with extreme pressure (had to yawn every 2-3minutes as flying in an airplane)
  • backheadpain
  • full dry mouth, 0 salviaproduction for first day
  • had to drink because of this 24/7
  • and had to pee every 10-30min for full day
  • stools were almost comming through as if I would’ve lost feeling in my bottomside muscles
  • complete numbness of bottomside, no connection brain/dick and absolutely no feel
  • shrinkage of genitals to half usual flaccid state, very warm
  • burning sensation in penis
  • hearing felt distant
  • no pain otherwise, no soreness, no backpain, skin felt completely numb to scratches
  • ballache especially right testicle
  • sweating through almost whole first night
  • strong breast tenderness
  • next days upon waking extreme headache, worst pain I’ve felt in my life

Ok, don’t take finasteride ever again.

The majority of people will recover from any side effects.

Don’t keep trying to test yourself. Give yourself some time. It’s likely you will be fine.


Oh man I really appreciate your response. Im scared shitless and def wont take. Got some tea and hopping to bed. I really really hope I get past this. Any advice is highly appreciated…


I would advise you to rigorously work-out and intermittent fast.

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Just don’t panic! Try not to over masturbate for the next 2 weeks at least, cut off the alcohol, coffees for a while, try to get healthy and hit the gym, go out, spend more time with friends and you should be fine! Also cut the cigarettes and the weed if you smoke. God luck!


Also depending on where you are, full body tanning is magnificent. I mean balls and all. Just don’t get put on a list for your life…


When I took saw I immediately got ED like you when I watched porn, but thought my body just needed to adjust to the supplement. Took it for 3 more years but was 100% fine for the first 1.5 years following the ED scare. I’m sure you will recover from this scare soon, just never touch that stuff or saw palmetto again


Ok, so it has been 8 hours since you took finasteride and you are freaking out? A bit premature, don’t you think? Needless to say you should never take that poison again but it is a bit early to conclude you have been damaged.

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Bro, if you read the posts on this site and haven’t gotten past the realities, you’d be scared too…


It is a good thing to be scared because there are damn good reasons to be. That’s why he needs to stop the poison immediately and never reconsider taking it again no matter what. But it is still early to freak out because he doesn’t have enough information about his condition yet. Chances are he doesn’t have PFS.


Leave this forum ASAP. Don’t search anything about PFS or Finasteride. Forget you took this drug, dont take it again. Wait few weeks. If things don’t resolve, which most likely it will resolve, come here and join the club.


There is no hope right?
15h after 0.25dose. Complete disconnection and flatline…


1 tea spoon of Honey

this is what helps me.

you took one dose 0.25 some members here took 1mg for months and we have people who have recovered, don’t panic everything will be fine.

we are waiting for a 5 year study to come out any month now and we will better understand what was the affects of this drugs on human body.

don’t eat any sugar, don’t drink alcohol, have a healthy diet, for me eating meat improves my symptoms and light exercise 20-30 minute warm-ups and see how it affects you.


Sawproblemo can you please elabprate how long it took you there to lose the ed?

I’ve had yesterday night extreme heartrace and sweats all over which I never have
Very big thirst and aswell the need to urinate way to often
I’m devastated and feel like crying idk how to handle this i just dont know

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Im losing my fkin mind… this is like a unreal nightmare

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It’s ok brother I remember this exact feeling. But you’ve had one pill. The OVERWHELMING majority of people just get better. Takes even a couple of months sometimes.

As a few folks have said don’t stress, don’t drink or binge on sugar, don’t masturbate any, just relax. Have a little bit of a workout too, push a bit but don’t kill yourself at it.

My money’s on you being fine. :slight_smile:


Sorry for spamming you, but that’s plain wrong and a few people (who got bad enough to make it to this forum) bounced back from that, so don’t stress. And probably many hundreds or thousands who got better before they thought to make it here.

I mean that too. Actively try not to stress. Might take a couple of days/weeks/months even, but it’s definitely weighted in your favour.

But don’t read scare stories about this, do leave the forum, just don’t take Saw Palmetto, SSRIs, Fin/Duta, anything with Beta Sistosterol (sp?) in it again.

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Im trying to cope and it really helps you talking to me. But to be honest man I see how this goes here. I took it at 13 and probably after 7/8h the halflife ended and I got the crash. How tf can I stay hopeful omg… these stories here are awful ;//

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Hey there.

Calm down.

It’s far too early to say how this will go. The odds are in your favour. There’s no point googling half lifes (lives?) Or ifs or buts or maybes.

You’re gonna have to ride this out.

I know how scary it is, I have lived it. I was suicidal at the time of my crash but someone here told me to calm the fuck down and they were right.

There’s nothing you can do right now. The odds are very much in your favour. Take some time out from school or work. Avoid stress. Don’t test yourself. Give yourself time. The odds are in your favour.

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You see how it goes here because here is where folks with PFS come. What you don’t see and hear (and this is VERY important) are the THOUSANDS of folks who read and believe the inserts along with the medicine, which tell you sides clear up within a few weeks. My GP, who has prescribed finasteride to HUNDREDS of people, along with his colleage, has NEVER seen a case of PFS and shooed me out the door telling me the ED etc will clear up in a few months because in hundreds of people that’s LITERALLY the only thing he’s ever seen happen.

So, let’s say given that you’re (pessimistically) 90% likely to get better. If you are in the unlucky 10% then you only had one .25mg dose. I can’t recall them all but I think tryingnottoworry was like that and he got better and did about three more who took a single dose.

I’m not bullshitting you here because the odds REALLY are in your favour.

So, get off this forum and forget about it for a few weeks. Then you’ll wake up with a boner one day and say “thank fuck for that” and it’ll all be done with. Seriously I’d put money on it. What WILL fuck you up is stressing, testing yourself with masturbating, ruminating over every little non-symptom thing and reading the worst-case stories.

Try and relax, follow the advice of the veterans in this thread and FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE don’t try and take anything for it! That’s got a REAL likelihood of messing with you. You’re in a fragile state right now but that human body of yours is a fucking MACHINE of a thing and wants to right itself, so relax a couple months and let it try. :slight_smile: