Please help me from this muscle wastage and weakness

My muscles are severely wasting away since a year of pfs. Muscle weakness is just intolerable. What shall i do for this? Is there any hormonal/androgenic therapy i can do to tackle this severe problem? Feels like my receptors are severely dead.

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Bummer! Care to share your latest bloodwork?

Bloodworks have been mostly normal. Still i will do it again after 2 weeks. But they all will most probably be normal.

Do share. It may have a clue

Hello my friend. Tomorrow I m going to visit my Neuroendocrinologist. He Took all the blood Parameter for muscle loss too. I Shall ask him for a therapy (try). Finistarid also damages the mitochondria in the muscle cells. Getting Myelitis.

I have stayed in bed for a to Long periode. I have to visit Physiotherapy and to Walk again
Than swim after the Lock down
And trying bicycle Tours again
If I can
I feel Like an 8o yo man
But I’ve been a top fit 60. If I Had No child with her mother, I wont let allone with all, I Had Set a sudden Death to that all.
This Kind of live is no Fun for me anymore. This is Just surviving .