Please help (ketoconazol)

The C-word, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and etc have no “treatment that works for everyone” every time. Some get worse; others stay the same; others improve to various extents.

I have bills, debts, taxes, insurances, repairs/maintenance, projects, leisure, family, along with other responsibilities and dues to pay. A 10% recurring tithe would be financial chaos for me. Most people would probably be embarrassed to admit financial hardship, which I sort of am, but I’m going to be a voice for those of us. I hope those of us are not looked down upon.

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Pretending like posts like this that present your approach as pragmatic are benign and not entirely detrimental and damaging to progress is infuriating to me.

It gives people false hope and plants this stupid irrational idea in their head that if they just do x thing, they will be fine, or get to a state that’s manageable.

I’ve had fluctuations in my ~5 years with this condition, even having points where I sustained improvement for months and thought if this continued to improve at that rate, in a years time, I’d just need some therapy to work through this traumatic experience and I would be in a good place. At that stage in my life, I was smoking tobacco a couple of times a day, going to university, and eating junk every day. I felt better than I had in years.

Last year I worked out >5 times a week, didn’t smoke, ate a relatively clean diet, and continued my university program. Felt miserable many days. Quit working out. Still felt miserable too many days. Went back to eating junk. Still felt miserable too many days. Started smoking again. Still felt miserable too many days. Did everything I could to replicate the environment I was in when I felt great. Still felt miserable too many days.

To pretend that this condition gives you much agency with regards to the state of your health is arrogant, and undermines its seriousness. It is brutal, random, and ugly. I have been dealing with this since I was 18, and I am growing tired of grown ass men not having the balls to acknowledge the truth I was able to as a child. You are at the mercy of this condition, and unless you are incredibly fortunate, the only way out is long, exhausting, and the road that nobody wants to fucking travel.


I was notified this was directed at me; however, I am not sure what you are talking about.