PLEASE guys.. can ANYBODY help me... veins on penis!


My veins are becoming very prominent on my penis and if i see a small new one turn up… it gets bigger by the next week!!

can anybody sugguest anything?? helllllp :frowning:


Yes, take Viagra about once every week to ten days until this subsides to keep all penile tissue and veins healthy until this internal inflammation goes down, and your body heals on its own.
There is scientific literature which states that this is true.

Also, eat about 4,000 - 6,000 mgs. of flaxseed oil daily, along with a low fat low sugar diet for a few months, with enough water and exercise.


So this will make my veins Go down ??? :frowning:

can somebody please tell me, if Minox or macca root is making it worse somehow???


can u give me the link that tells u why viagra would help?? i want to show it to my doctor so she can give me prescription…

thank you so much


All you have to do is tell your doctor you’re having ED or you can’t get it up and a doctor will give you a prescription.
Insurance will never pay for it though, so expect to pay about $10 per pill, right, isn’t that about what it goes for guys, and also maybe you can get a free sample to start if you are at Uro’s office.??

At the top of this page do a search for “Viagra” and you will find all the posts, particularly some that are listed as from ‘Studies’ or ‘General’ sections I think are the ones with scientific data.


hmmm, im sure i saw the link before, but i cant find it now… If you can put the link up, id really appreciate it… or ill js keep searching lol…

hmm, thanks for your help, but can i ask js a few more things…

The narrowing of my penis… could this be why my veins are showing more, as there maybe is less fat or something???or maybe blood flow issue?? could minox be making things worse?

And,does this problem keep getting worse??? :frowning: I need re-assurance that it will get better,cos i dont think it will :frowning: … I know people are saying to stop thinking about it… but when i can feel it 24/7 i cant stop thinkin about it.

For some reason, it feels better when i sit down tho.As soon as i stand and start walking or something,my penis goes back to being in the retracted position.

If anyone could js help or something id really be thankful, been going thru hell for soo long now :frowning: feel like my life has ended!


The studies are the 2 stickies at the top of this link:

Minox has nothing to do with it, I experienced the same thing and I never took Minoxidil or Macca Root.


Ok, guys, i have found yet ANOTHER NEW vein on the top of my penis now :frowning: its very thin vein, but like the others, i know it will become thicker!! WAT IS GOING ON.??

PLEASE I NEED A BIT MORE ADVICE. Every now and then, im tryin to shake it to keep it feeling a little alive, and not so retracted… should i not be doing this???

AND is it better or worse to have sex or get errections?? Will this prevoke more veins???


I will be gettin viagra soon and having it at night!! (i would of thought this makes it worse!


Dude I already have answered your Qs via Private Message AND on! How much more can we repeat the same thing?

I don’t know the exact reason WHY this happens but my guess is tissue androgen deprivation and lack of nitric oxide/bloodflow. I wouldn’t necessarily be too concerned about the veins that much though… your penis still works, right?

It is always better to keep it in use. That’s why healthy men have regular nocturnal, morning and spontaneous erections everyday – its like excercise for your penis, to keep the tissues in shape, oxygenated and healthy to PREVENT tissue fibrosis and vascular changes that can lead to erectile dysfunction.

So keep it in use as much as possible to keep blood flowing down there, get some L-Arginine or low-dose Viagra and take it at night before bed (I’d start with L-Arginine as a first step) and book some appointments with Urologists to ask them why this would happen and ask for a Penile Ultrasound (Doppler test) to check for possible tissue fibrosis/vascular changes and blood flow issues.

On top of that if you have bloodtests that show low DHT/low Testosterone/Free Testosterone or other imbalances (high E2, Prolactin, SHBG) those issues ALSO need to be addressed. And that involves finding a doc that is willing to work with you on it or just stop wasting time and just go see Dr Shippen or Dr Crisler.

I’m sorry I don’t have any concrete answers, I’m also in the same boat… besides shrinkage and narrowing, my dick also became a lot more veiny after I quit, particularly one big spider-type vein down the right side of the shaft.

But over the past 20 months they have retreated a bit, which I take to be a good sign… however nothing like how my penis was before I took fin… hopefully someday.


I too have a big vein on top of my penis and two quite big ones on the sides of it on the hip/pelvic area. I do not like them at all.


When i first came off propecia 18 month ago or whatever (feels like 5 years ago) i too had veins on my penis. Mostly on the lower shaft, i hated them. They dident feel like normal veins they felt more like a rubber band under my skin that was very rigid. U could push in on them and they would not deflate no matter what, they were atleast 3 as i remember them. Today i am not even sure they are there, they could be i just forgot about them. Also they could have gone and maybe thats why i forgot about them. Have to check soon enough. Point is things get better and even if it does not improve as much as we hope, we still learn to feel less bad about it. Hell my dick even had a slight curve in it after propecia, its still there but its no biggy to me anymore. Infact i dont even think about anymore.

Hope this helps, will let u know if they indeed have dissapeard :slight_smile:


thanks alot guys… its nice to even here responses. I feel all alone in the crap :frowning: and really makes me soo down. Im gna try some Gotu Kola when i get my next pay, and see if that helps at all.

With Viagra… is it ok just to have it before sex instead of before bed?? id rather use it constructively. lol


WTF!! R we all suppose to understand that thread about viagra/arginine?? I Do not! im sorry if i sound dumb, but i understand NO or viagra may help peyrones desease (spelling)… but i dont have that…

I have narrowing of the penis and extra veins!! not a lump of any sort! if anyone could explain it in laymans terms that would be very helpful!

(im sorry im not that clever but i dont wna be descriminated just because im not as intelligent as u lot :frowning:



OH and another thing… I read another study, saying that they found that people who are infertile have more NO than healthy men… so im a bit anxious to take arginine… (if i find it i will put the link up)

does viagra work the same way??

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Not sure what to say here anymore Jon, I think people have explained as much as they could… if you read all the other posts and STUDIES across this forum you should be able to put two and two together to have a pretty idea of what could be happening to your dick – ie possible vascular/tissue changes (ie narrowing) due to androgen deprivation from Finasteride.

None of us are docs, you should go see some Urologists and see what they have to say about it and get a Doppler Ultrasound as mentioned earlier to check for internal tissue changes/bloodflow issues… but not much we can do if you don’t want to.

Yea Viagra is like super potent Arginine in a way in that it boosts Nitric Oxide production significantly (temporarily).

However I wouldn’t be concerned about fertility issues, many men use it and have fathered children because of taking it, obviously!

Good luck.


I think you should try to just get out and walk 5-6 hours a day, not think about it, try not to obsess over it, even take something, i.e. an antidepressant if you think you should just to help you get your mind off it and keep flow and normal activity.
Again, I think this is a prostate issue in many of us. It takes time for a prostate to go back to its normal size and state. All the veins and nerves for your penis go right through or by your prostate, so any changes in your prostate can cause any of these symptoms.
I wished I hadn’t lied in bed for two months depressed and in active.
I wish I had did like Tom 43 and walked it off immediately.
He had all these same symptoms for a few months when he came off, but he just slowly slowly rubbed and churned the prostate back into healing, purging, and functioning like it used to, he walked about 6-7 hours daily for about three months. In his terms, he was doing it to just keep his mind off it, but he says now ALL sexual and dick problems are gone, and he feels completely normal in that respect. Unfort though he has tinnitus still though??
Anyway, though, I think me just lying around with all that trauma in there, and blockages, ED, dick problems for 3 months just caused me to further come down with some prostate infection i.e. prostatitis, and also some BPH, which waxes and wanes for me now.
I just wished I had walked it instead of letting it just fester inside, sit stagnant, nd maybe then contribute to further and long lasting blockages.

Get out there bro and try to do anything you can to keep your mind off of it. Keep a low fat diet. And keep active. Hopefully your lymph system and body can neturally just help things get back in order. And like others have said, lso get some blood work in the mean time just to see if everything is ok.
Best of Luck!


I agree he should maintain physical activity and a proper diet and such.

Diet can definitely affect how you feel – if you eat McD’s all day you will generally feel like crap compared to if you were to eat lean meats, fresh fruits and lots of veggies.

But who has the time or will to walk 5-6 hours per day?? Great if he does! But come on dude… life, friends, work, family, eating… I don’t think that’s a realistic expectation. Maybe get in 5-6 on a weekend or once or twice a week in the evening but I seriously doubt 5-6 hours EVERYDAY, lol… I don’t think you’ll find anyone besides yourself who claims to be able/are willing to attempt that.

… NOW with that said, onto the following bit you mention:

… I’m sorry, but I completely disagree with you here and this is just bad advice for us Fin sufferers.

ESPECIALLY since some SSRIs are notorious for causing sexual dysfunction, brain fog, genital numbness, loss of libido, inability to orgasm etc – WHICH DOES NOT HELP WITH “FLOW”, as you put it – but causes symptoms which are, funnily enough, similar to Finasteride (check the “Links” section for a link to SSRI side effects websites/forum).

There has even been cross-talk over the years between members of the Yahoo SSRI and Finasteride Side Effects group discussing the similarities, as if there is a common mechanism at work that causes the problems in both groups (ie, neurotransmitters).

PERSONALLY, I DO NOT ADVISE ANYONE TAKE ANTI-DEPRESSANTS TO RECOVER FROM FINASTERIDE SIDE EFFECTS. The less drugs you can keep out of your system, the better… and Boston, PLEASE STOP advocating people just start popping things like Antidepressants, Valium and such as if they are candy to relieve their “symptoms” – all of these drugs can have significant side effects, and in some cases guys may end up worse off than they started.

Finasteride-induced depression, while on the drug, is a real side effect (there are studies on this site about it), but after quitting it goes away within a short time frame. This guy is just down about his situation, but advocating jumping on another med, especially an antidepressant, to relieve his worry is a totally ridiculous idea in my opinion – especially when trying to recover from a drug like Finasteride, since an AD may give similar adverse sexual/mental effects.


Well, turn straight to the sexual dysfunction page in Dr. Braverman’s “Edge Effect”, then you will see what I am talking about.

Have you also heard about people with aches and pains due to depression?? My general practitioner just recommended the same idea to me yesterday. I am going to start a small small dose of citalopram (3-5mg/day just before bed). The more you dwell on a problem, the worse it gets. Mind over matter dude! Most people with sexual sides from SSRI’s take much to high a dose, so it numbs their emotional response.

Anyway, I’m not saying I’m not still suffering, but everytime I take Valium my genitalia feel normal again.

Also, do you think spending 4-6 hours everyday on the computer like the most of you do, myself included sometimes, is better than walking 4-6 hours everyday.

So it seems you don’t believe me about Tom43’s recovery. I will post his message to me.

One last thing is… how can you deny any of this being a prostate issue. It most likely all is. I think you’re just lost dude. I’m sorry! Don’t ban me from this site, but I think you’re just ignoring the simple evidence. ALL of our waxing and waining symptoms, dudes who finally FINALLY heal after they have taken care of anxiety and adrenals and they are able to relax and luckily their prostates return to normal, these are clogged prostates which cause lack of libido, urinary and erectile symptoms.


I think most ppl here are or have been suffering from sideeffects that are somewhat related to prostate issues. In most cases these side effects tend to ease with time while other symptoms stay. But mearly because u have symptoms that correlates to prostate issues of some sort dont mean that the problem is the prostate itself or do u think so? I mean having hormonal imbalances effects yr entire system including yr prostate. I dont know this to be a fact but it would seem logical to me if the prostate was 1 of the most sensitive organs to a hormonal imbalance. And walk it off ? i mean if a doc told me to walk this off i would be saying curse words for 5 min telling him to go **** himself and asking for a refond. B4 all of this i did 100-150 km every week day on a bicycle as a bike messenger. Today im lucky to get 10 km b4 im totally exhausted and it takes a good 2 days b4 i feel somewhat recovered from that. I did try to go back to beeing a bike messenger again but it just wasent in me, my balls were aching and my back hurt like crazy, i was forced to give it up even tho mentally i was feeling better.

Btw i had anxiety shooting out my arse when taking testogel because of gyno worries, i was still horny as a teen. Dont take this the wrong way but i think sometimes u are pushing yr theories to hard. Im happy u feel better walking etc but i do feel like yr presenting every thing u try as solutions to all our problems, yet u have not been doing it for more than a few days and dont feel completely recovered sexually yrself either? The last thing i want to do is to ridicul yr recovery, i think its great that u feel better and i hope u continue to improve! And ofc every person on this planet need to get activated physicly in order to properly function no doubts about that in my mind.