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I was browsing YouTube and found this video. It was posted 8 days ago. This trainer seems to understand a lot of what he’s talking about. I’m not American and I don’t understand English very well. If you can argue with everything he’s talking about, that would be interesting. I’m just sad he summed up PFS as a lack of libido. Watch the full video.

There’s no point in looking for answers on places like Youtube (or the internet in general).
It’s a waste of your time.

There are unfortunately a lot of people (ranging from certified medical professionals to hobbyists of all kinds) who are very eager to very confidently speak about what Post-Finasteride Syndrome (or PSSD/PAS etc.) is and what the alleged “fix” would be.

As long as research has not resulted in a clear understanding of the problem, there is no point in wasting time looking for answers on the internet that simply aren’t there. If there is no known problem, that also means there is no known fix. That’s why this platform exists and why we have been trying to get meaningful research efforts off the ground.

If anything, claims to the contrary (by literally anyone) are harmful. Every time someone makes a faulty statement (even if it’s just another theory) about what PFS is and that it is possible to fix, there is less incentive for the immediate need to figure out the actual problem.

At the end of the day, people who make “informative” videos like this want views and likes and are not interested in facts and they never do their research. They care about the idea that people perceive them as knowledgeable on obscure hormonal/medicinal topics, they don’t care about being correct with any of it.

He doesn’t. Don’t let people’s confidence fool you into thinking they know anything, especially not random bodybuilders on Youtube.


i got it.

I watched the video and was disappointed, he doesn’t understand PFS or DHT one bit sadly.

does he look like he understands anything? :sweat_smile: