Couldn’t find anything on this topic on the forum. I do not want to claim that finasteride is still inside us, this is very unlikely but possible if we have some problems with CYP450 or some other liver ferments. In addition, even if all amount of finasteride is metabolized, its metabolites can still be active and poison our lives - not enough to inhibit DHT, but enough to shut down allopregnanolone synthesis in the brain. So has anyone tried plasmapheresis or other cleaning methods?

i wonder too anyone try ?

ZRT lab has a Saliva steroid LCMS test that includes testing for active levels of finasteride in your system. It can’t check for finasteride’s metabolites though

I had this test done because it includes more things then just finasteride. I never took finasteride so obviously I knew there was a zero perfect chance that the test found finasteride in my system. It seems like a very unlikely possibility but I look at it like it can’t hurt ruling it out

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