Pins and needles and extremely cold limbs


Hi guys,

Over the last few months I’ve had increasing pins and needles across my body predominantly on the hands feet and face often manifesting after eating food. I now have extremely cold limbs. Anyone else get this, the thyroid? I believe my PFS is impacting the majority of hormones. Cheers


I do experience this some time usually after ejaculation.
How is your blood sugar, it could be diabetes

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Been checked out for diabetes a few times like most things we present the symptoms but don’t show any blood abnormalities. My diet, weight etc is not typically that of a diabetic. That’s why I think it’s thyroid related saying that thyroxin is always within range


Have you been to a different doctor yet?

I’m loathe to suggest it, but perhaps you should pay for a private gp appointment, not tell them anything aside from your symptoms and see if they take you any more seriously than the gp you’ve already seen.

I assume any other NHS gp you see will get your notes from previous visits, if you step outside that organisation you might find that they’re less likely to dismiss you based on your history.

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I’ve seen so many GPs and endos they are all narrow minded arse wipes :wink: Might have to go down the road you suggest. Cheers for you input guys.


Sorry to hear you’ve had bad experiences but if you can afford it you might get a different response. Or You might get the same result again. :unamused:

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Ha yeh agreed think I must resemble an alien! That’s how it feels at times. Was due to start TRT this week but the endo pulled it, currently trying to find out his reasoning as when I last saw him he more or less said it would be a certainty. Was hanging my hopes on this as a last ditch for sone improvements. See if I can get hold of him tomorrow


Hmm, that’s interesting. I wonder if he’s done some research and come up with a reason to change direction.

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My t levels may have improved, but he stated it would have to be very noticeable to not go ahead with therapy. I’d expect to feel some changes if I’d had a spike/increase. I’ll let you know what he says when I get hold of him. Failing any headway I might give tribulis a go!

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Letter from endo states total test 9.8 nmol/L free test 180 gonadotrophins LH 3.5 FSH 8.2 and IGF -1 is 29 nmol/L

As a result he’s not putting me on trt right now, quite disappointed but wondering if you have any views on this, right decision by him?


So do I.
have cold hands and feet
Sometimes it hurts.
be dry with no sweat

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Dry too