Pine pollen post


looking to try pine pollen but am worried about the alcohol content. i literally can have no alcohol in my system i react really badly to it.

anyone whos tried pine pollen can you recommend the brand you use? are there alcohol free tinctures?



Hey @hippydoof

The one I use is a concentrate powder:


I use the powder too, I fully credit my ability to have sex again to taking PP daily.


Harder erections, and I can get in the mood quickly when having sex. “Visual” libido is still pretty nonexistent, as in I don’t get aroused when seeing women out in public. But when i’m texting a girl/initiate sex, it’s no problem


why would you get aroused by seeing women in public? Surely you dont’ hang around in a nude beach all day :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the pollen has got to him, guys. He’s talking to himself now. :wink:


I meant that I don’t really find random women “hot” while I’m out in public, like I used to before fin. But thanks to the pine pollen I’m able to get in the mood and perform when needed. Before pine pollen I was pretty much castrated lol


Hahhahah… I see… :slight_smile: glad its working for you! i’ll give it a try too after assessing my condition 3 months later… cause I really want to see how well my body can heal naturally without trying any additional supplements or stuff…

I am definetely feeling better than a week before and thats a good sign :slight_smile: and @Greek I’ve always been crazy and always talked to myself :stuck_out_tongue:


Just ordered, how fast did you find that it worked for you guys?


Pine pollen worked pretty quick (2 days) for me however the ridiculous spike in libido I experienced didn’t last - probably a good thing. It was out of control for that 1-2 day period. Now I’m at a decent baseline. Im happy with where I’m at currently, good luck!


Before that you did suffer with libido and erections? And cool man thanks


I did not suffer from libido issues. I did however have softer erections, loss in spontaneous erections, loss in morning wood which are all much better now (I’d say 85-90% there). Also had size issues which are not currently present. Wishing you the best


How are people taking Pine Pollen and what dosage?


i ordered a tincture off ebay should be here in a couple days. will keep everyone posted as i use it


I tried a bag of this it did absolutely nothing for my pfs…Baking soda was 10x more effective.


How did you take the baking soda and which symptoms did you help ?


Well my Pine Pollen arrived beginning of the week, been putting 2/3 spoonfuls in with a drink and am disappointed it does’t seem to do anything for me :frowning:


Didn’t do anything for me, there was somewhat of a calming sensation, but yea, nothing.

I’ve also been trying the baking soda, not sure how i feel about that one yet. Not even sure if I’m drinking it right. Do i just poor a spoonful into a glass of water, mix it up and drink? What sides does this treat?


Hi Holyhead, can you please tell us which sides did you cure with banking soda, if you have a link in case you bought it on line.
Thank you!


I’ve also tried baking soda in a glass of water, I think its more of a detox for your body.