Photographic Evidence - Wrinkled Skin & Fat Loss

I could have added this post to one of my previous threads but I felt that it was important that it wasn’t lost underneath my previous posts. I also felt that this could be a discussion place for what I’m presenting and also as a place for others to post their own images. Although most of us have told our stories here; as has been attested by Adam’s podcasts, it’s only really when you hear or see people’s stories that the devastating impact of propecia on all of our lives really hits home.

I’m one of the guys who doesn’t quite fit the pfs mould, although I believe that irrespective of that, propecia still has the potential to wreck untold damage in a myriad of different ways. It is only by merck and the fda criminally hoodwinking us that we have unwittingly become the guinea pigs for a worldwide trial of how inhibiting 5ar can impact the adult male. Unfortunately we all now know what a crucial role it plays.

I include attached images of the fat loss around my eyes which occurred within six months of stopping taking propecia. This was accompanied by subcutaneous fat loss to most of my face. This is demonstrated by the fact that my skin is now stretchy and can easily be pulled from my face. I have also included an attached image to illustrate this. My face now falls with gravity because of this fat loss. The fat loss around my eyes is also highlighted by the wrinkles formed when I am smiling. These wrinkles and the wrinkles on the sides of my face can be seen on two further attached images. The skin on the sides of my face thinned whilst taking propecia, but became more pronounced on stopping because of the loss of subcutaneous fat which provided essential support. The wrinkles subsequently are more pronounced when I look down.

It should be noted that I have never smoked and I have always been careful regarding sun exposure. I’m now 41.

Scotsman, we have not exchanged words for quite a while hope your not doing too badly? I’d also like to thank you for all the support you have given me over the past 13 months roller coaster ride.

Your skin in these pictures, resemble exactly how the skin looks on my hands, very dry and wrinkled, with almost fissure like in appearance. This is also the same on my penis.

I also note that your facial hair is very sporadic.

I too will upload some pictures of the skin on my hands. Like you, ive never smoked and I’ve taken extremely good care of my skin in the sun. I know for a fact that my poor, thinned skin all over my body is due to propecia.

On a separate note Scotsman, please will you contact Adam (Jorbie) and go on his podcast, I for one would very much like to hear your unique story.

My eyes have that same crows feet effect :unamused:

ı have exactly ssame thıng. Exactly.

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Thank you for posting this, and the photos.
I have historically looked 10 years younger than reality, but once Propecia became a factor, it was as if an extreme fast forward of the aging process occurred.
My wife used to comment about my oily skin, which I knew was keeping my youthful look. I had previously suffered from a lack of respect among peers because I looked much younger and it was assumed I didn’t know as much as others as a result.
I have suffered many years of facial hair loss, especially on the cheeks and more specifically in the areas on both sides of my chin. The hair will NOT hold root and can be easily plucked with tweezers with minimal tension and absolutely NO pain. My skin feels numb in these areas.
If I try to ignore the hairs, they curl and become ingrown. I am forced to make the hairs see the light of day, hoping they will not become ingrown the next time I shave, but these hairs usually pluck out, root and all, with little effort. I have two constant and persistent bald patches of skin under the corners of my mouth.
About 3 years ago, I was so concerned that I took close up photos of each hair I plucked to show what was happening. My wife was constantly telling me to stop ‘picking’ at my face, as if I had some sort of obsession. And here it is, 5 months after she filed for divorce, these hairs STILL refuse to grow and remain healthy and intact!! It’s so embarrassing to be seen in public. My dermatologist ran out of ideas and recommended I go to UCSD to talk to their research division.
I didn’t go. I’ve lost all faith and trust in ANY doctor or medical facility to take me seriously regarding PFS.
On any given night, I can easily pluck 20 hairs from these bald spot areas and the skin has an appearance of a rash. I’ve tried the following:
Finacea for Rosacea, hydrocortizone, the most intense moisturizers, expensive anti-wrinkle creams and night creams from oil of olay. Yes, I tried all the chick tricks.
NOTHING has worked.

So, I’m absolutely convinced that Propecia has caused this permanent marring of my face. I have easily changed in age appearance by 10 years or more in only a short few years.

What would I like to do about it?
I would like to obtain a liquid form of Propecia, attend a company hosted party by Merck, and secretly spike ALL their drinks with their own medication. Or pipe it in to the water supply of all the executives at the homes of Merck and the FDA who approved it.

If there are no cases tried in 2014, after having waited for so many years for justice, it might just be the only logical and reasonable option to get the attention of those who have poisoned so many men around the world.

hi towm8er,

I found some people saying finasteride caused wrinkles around the eyes and when they stopped the drug it has reversed to the original. Dutasteride has this side effect too.
Since your facial hair is not strong and your skin is not oily anymore, this has maybe to do with DHT. What are your DHT and DHT related results from blood exams?

Have you tried Ethocyn? (no idea, but I just found this).

Thats a shocking picture scotsman I hope your doctor doesn’t say PFS is “all in your head”.

Seeing these kind of pictures should make people realise that PFS is no joke.

We should all take pictures of any abnormalities that is a result of PFS.

Back in 2012 my beard completely stopped growing on the right side of my face, I should of took a picture of it back then.

My beard has mostly come back but it still does’nt grow properly. I recently took pictures of it under various lighting conditions with a high quality DSLR camera, but it is not obvious from the pictures that my beard growth is messed up.

ı have exactly same thıng wıth scotsman, however even our parents dont see thıs fat changıns. Lıke a joke. Thıs mean ıts not a enough clue to belıeve us.

Notice the thinning if outer eyebrow ridge hair, also common of Pfs (thyroid)

Thanks a lot for your post Tigershull – I’ve sent you an e-mail.

Thanks also to Hopingforthebest, depressedguy, townm8er – like yourself townm8er, I’ve also always looked young for my age, and still do on passing. Unlike natural ageing, this has majorly accelerated specific aspects, whether it is thinning skin or fat loss, and not at the same rate, hence my skin is that of an old woman. If I hadn’t taken propecia then my skin may never have thinned like it has, and I may never have lost the fat that I have. I don’t see people of my age with skin that crinkles when they smile. Add the fact that any ageing will only progress. I think that all any of us wanted was to live our lives and not sociopathically decimate others for pure greed like some. A simple request cruelly denied us by these self-same scum. And these self-same scum have ensured that we have had to face up to various losses which no man our age should naturally have to face.

You mention having had oily skin, townm8er. I’ve always had adult acne to varying extent with combination skin and an oily t-zone. The skin on the sides of my face may have been more prone following propecia because of this. I’ve always had sparse facial hair and again, maybe this also made me more susceptible? Townm8er – I understand entirely your loss of faith in the medical community – it’s a hard lesson to learn and further compounds our suffering. I was also diagnosed with eczema on my hands and on other patches on my body and sebhoerric dermatitis on my face whilst I was still taking propecia. I’m still susceptible to recurrent patches on my face (to the sides of my nose) which I treat with protopic ointment. I was told that sebhoerric dermatitis never really goes away. I also get dry skin on my calves and sporadic hair loss there too, although I’ve not lost hair anywhere else – my forearms are still hairy. I believe that the eczema and sebhoerric dermatitis are also linked to propecia – whether it be an autoimmune response or whatever – the ANA test for autoimmune connective tissue disease following my fat loss came back as very weak positive – which is inconclusive.
I also share your desire for justice. On the whole I’m quite a passive, easy going, liberal kind of guy who is against the death penalty, but this experience has really made me empathise with those who wish it on those who have harmed them and their loved ones. Merck and the corporate world that they inhabit only really pay lip service to justice, and to them it is all about either defending with the best, most expensive lawyers, or paying out the least to those they’ve fucked with no actual acknowledgement or responsibility for crimes committed. They live in a world where their actions have been normalised and made to seem legitimate and there is absolutely no real and hard accountability. To that end my greatest and hardest wish is for crimes against patients and consumers to be punished as such. Maybe then we might see some real justice and a better pharmaceutical industry. Any advice as to how we go about this would be gratefully received.

Thanks also Mark for your post – I’ve had a very sympathetic and supportive doctor. She actually said that she felt bad for having prescribed me it had she known its effects, although the initial request for a prescription had come from me. As for other health professionals, that’s a different story.

Depressedguy – I’m sorry to hear that your parents aren’t with you on this. It is so important that people believe you and support you. Not being believed just makes things so much worse. Doctors also don’t tend to believe their own eyes and ears if they haven’t read about it in a book previously and had it confirmed by a fellow health care professional.

Finatruth – I had a TSH of 5.1 when I first had my blood tested after propecia, but on two subsequent tests it had lowered to 2 point something. I don’t have many of the symptoms of hypothryroidism – just cold hands and feet, pale skin (possible anaemia?), some lower leg hair loss, dry skin, boils and spots, memory loss & confusion, wanting to be solitary, nervousness/anxiety, and a recent development of numbness in several finger tips of right hand – first just one, now more seem affected. Unlike your theory of slow improvement coming in cycles, certain aspects for me are getting worse, like losing erections very easily, which was never the case before, and also this numb fingertip thing. I also recently became aware of the fact that my urinary stream is a lot less powerful and that I can’t control my pee much beyond gravity. I don’t know if this is an age thing or my hormonal profile getting worse. I think with propecia one size doesn’t necessarily fit all.

Finally, to all the guys who have experienced side effects like my own that can be photographed I’d urge you to do it. I’ve read umpteen naysayers and denialists on various hairloss forums whenever propecia side effects are discussed. I feel that it’s important that our testimonies become less easy to dismiss and that evidence like my own is put out there so as our message gets across and also hopefully discourages others from becoming victims themselves. On a side note I do feel if enough guys reported penile shrinkage and managed to campaign for a leaflet update then this really would have a phenomenal impact on sales and garner huge press. This is clearly one of the sides that Merck so far has managed to suppress.

Who thinks that such drastic Changes are reversible with a Cure from the Foundiation??

george saw my knees, face , and hands.
What do you thınk of thıs george?

Dude its horrible man…Its so sad…Propecia is so dangerous for the WHOLE BODY

I have the exact same thing as well. Loss of facial fat leading to premature wrinkles and loose facial skin. I was considering volume fillers for a while but that’s expensive and must be redone every 9 months or so, and that money is better spent on donating to the PFS foundation anyway.

Guys an idea here. I habe noticed that while on zoloft or other antidepressants my face brightens up. My color returns, the skin around my eyes tighten up, and I look more alive and healthy. Im not kidding the difference is night or day. It might be worth a try if it really bothers you. Im trying to make it without zoloft due to sexual side effects. But I may end up having to get back on it. Also sleeping medication has helped alot. T B ese are bandaids but I can tell you when I was taking zoloft and sleeping pills, one girl actually complimented me on how bright my eyes looked. I was at an AA meeting and she was telling me that I looked good for being 6 months sober. Once getting off these medicines despite not smoking and drinkkng, ive noticed how poor my looks are getting again.

Even a very small dose of zoloft might help some of you. I notice when my mental sides are bad, my face reflects it with drooping eyes and dark circles. When I feeling sharp and clear, my face reflects it. Just a shame we have to bother with this in the first place. But medicine may be a temporary solution. I think it also offers the body a better chance to recover since I felt virtually stress free most of the time.

Damn id give anything to have my oily manly balding scalp and healthy face, huge muscles, six pack, big dick, big nutsack, fucking healthy brain, tanned skin, raging libido… fuck life was so good. I had to worry about my stupid receding hairline. My hair looks so fucking stupid now. It looks like a girl with a really short haircut. No oil, dry as fuck, light reddish color. Fuck man I was blessed with those manly hormones. I was getting jacked in the gym, banging college girls who couldnt give a fuck about hairloss, partying, and being a fucking alpha male. Now im waiting for death to come.

I have the exact same facial changes…over a period of a few years I have physically aged over 15 years…but let’s focus on getting this fixed…please participate in the research…

Pls provide photographic evidence of your facial changes here: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=9303 .

Pls provide photographic evidence of your facial changes here: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=9303