Phosphatidylserine - Claimed to lower cortisol levels

Take a look at what nutraplanet is selling at the following link:

You can also google up more information on it, it seems like a fairly basic supplement and it looks legitimate.

So it seems that primordial performance once again has released a new product, this time it seems to be an improved phosphatidenylserine formula. With as much talk as there is on adrenal fatigue on here, I think this sort of thing seems critical.

Basically imagine if sustain alpha is an effective yet safer and side effect free alternative to clomid and nolvadex, this new product seems like it would be good as an alternative to something like hydrocortisone. The price tag is… well it’s ridiculously high, but if you type in the SPONSOR10 coupon code you get 10 bucks off, which would account for approximately a 20% discount on the product.

Anabolic minds announcement:

Elitefitness forum anouncement:

Product page:

I just love how they have a crapload of citations referencing legitimate scientific papers. Solonjk, if you are reading this, this sort of thing looks like it could really help you out, possibly at the greatest benefit when combined with the reset ad supplement from palo alto labs.

I think they are useful for people experiencing floaters in their eyes.

I had good results when I took it in the afternoon.I’m not sure is because of this or because of another suplement or something else.

This has been recommended on health forums for treating high cortisol.

It can cause insomnia so taking it around 6pm should be ok to reduce high night time cortisol. Although a few here have mentioned taking it before bed and sleeping ok. Cortisol can spike in the night around 4am and wake us up.

If you follow a low-fat or low-cholesterol diet or are under chronic stress , it’s easy to be low in PS. - Probably applies to many PFS victims who are dealing with chronic stress of this condition.

Have you tried it? If so which brand and dosage?

I’ve not tried it yet, Jarrow is good it’s called P100, I’ve ordered some for a relative. I’m trying a small dose of time release nicain first.

I just started taking it yesterday. Will check in when it inevitably fucks me up like everything else does.

My cortisol levels got all screwed up when I used a topical corticosteroid back in November. I developed a big stupid rash on my face and now I’m trying to lower my cortisol since the rash keeps getting worse and seems to be cortisol related. Also, I took a diurnal cortisol test and my levels were normal for midnight & morning and super high for afternoon & dinnertime.

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Just checking in - I tried it and it definitely messed me up lol. Can’t remember what all happened, but it took a bit to get back to baseline. It wasn’t really PFS symptoms though. I wish I would have checked in sooner because I can’t remember what all it was, but I remember it being strange.