Pharmacologic modification of psychosexual dysfunction (Bupropion)



That is a really interesting study. Thanks for the post.

But I also found a study where Bupropion didnt work for a group of 13 male participants:

Effects of bupropion sustained-release on sexual functioning and nocturnal erections in healthy men:


Right, this study was used as a comparison for other anti-deppressants though. Meaning, they were proving that in comparison to SSRI’s, one taking Wellbutrin will not experience any negative side effects.

However, the study I posted, including many others out there, indicate that for men suffering from sexual dysfunction that it significantly improves their condition in usually the majority of cases.

Your study was not focused on people with sexual dysfunction, but as it said “healthy men without medical illness or psychiatric conditions”–it was just showing that Wellbutrin does not cause negative sexual side effects.


There are two things worth noting (i think) regarding this and other studies in relation to PFS;

  1. The 13 male participants are without a psychiatric illness (neurochemistry is therefore most likely within normal limits). The proposed cause of PFS ED is said to be psychogenic (low Dopamine levels) anhedonia is quite common in sufferers and is something i experience. Therefore the 13 men not having aberrant neurochemistry goes a long way in explaining the negative result.
  2. A confounding factor for PFS sufferers is Buproprion is contra indicated in patients suffering anxiety. This is something i get quite a bit of at certain stages of my crash cycles.

I’m 4 months post finasteride now and am fortunate enough to have experienced >50% improvement in symptoms since ceasing (was on it 22 years). The greatest residual problem is ED though (all the classic PFS ones!)
So, I’m considering convincing my GP to trial me on Buproprion but am interested in hearing if anyone else has had experience with this medication first and or Mucuna Pruriens on a 4 on 3 off regimen??

Thanks in advance…

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I think a safer option would be using natural Dopamine agonists.
You can buy a good quality powder of mucuna pruriens for not that much in Ebay. You add to the mix aside of this some cold showers, meditation, improving your liver function and some sun exposure and you are pretty much set.

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Have you used it and did it improve sexual function?


I haven’t used it myself but have heard great reviews in regards of the use of Mucuna, It’s being used a lot for parkinson disease like Lions mane is being used to treat Alzheimer. As a side note, I’ll tell you a little story.

Right now I’m trying to wean off some meds that lower dopamine levels by blocking D2 receptors.
When I was at my worse a month ago, so bad that I had the anhedonia comparable to the excitement a jellyfish feels towards a birthday party and motor problems that made it hard to move, something seemed to better my condition. I stayed up all night and my anhedonia flew away for the rest of the day along with my motor problems. I didn’t know how to explain this when it happend, but I was glad it did.

Now that’s been a little bit over a month I know what to especifically atribute this.
Apparently not sleeping improves dopaminergic function as a coping mechanism, this raise on dopamine levels doesn’t outweight the negatives of a bad night sleep tho, but it totally seemed to better off all the symptoms that I listed. This was a reafirmation of the dopaminergic deficiencies that we suffer the ones carrying PFS.

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Thanks for sharing that Wateka - I too feel our dopamine levels are compromised due to epigenetic changes.
Good luck with weaning yourself off the meds. I have seen how difficult coming off D2 binding meds can be so I sincerely wish you well.
Its so difficult playing with neurotransmitters as you cant exactly go and get a blood test which will show you your levels (sigh!).

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