's stellar "medical literature" will QUICKLY CONVINCE ANY DOC that PFS is a legit disease


Man, I really wish I had known about it before now!

It has MANY published high-level medical research articles/links about PFS that docs will RESPECT!

At last week’s appointment with my neurologist Dr. Russ Bodner, I SHOWED HIM several published PFS articles and he was IMPRESSED and insisted I email him the articles!

I CAN’T BEGIN to tell you how FRUSTRATING dealing with docs/psychiatrists has been! NONE - OUT OF 50+ I’ve seen - believed a word I was telling them about PFS! Not even my Mayo Clinic docs - and they’re supposed to be THE WORLD’S BEST!

SO before YOU SEE ANY DOC ABOUT PFS - bookmark the relevant PFS articles on your phone/iPad AND INSIST THEY READ the articles!


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ABOUT ME: In summary, I’m a 50yo retired-for-now lawyer. I religiously took 1mg FIN daily from 1999-2014. I started losing the ability to sleep in June 2014 and had no clue it was related to FIN. By Dec I had stopped sleeping ENTIRELY and discontinued FIN. 10 days later post-finasteride exploded my brain!

The fantastic news is that I VERY FORTUNATELY recovered 100% from total loss of libido (after 2 years), total physical impotence (2.5 years), frightening delusions (2 months), total loss of emotionality/compassion/feelings (6 months), breast development (2 months), intense penis pain (1 month), and - oddly - my facial hair 100% stopped growing for 4 months and then resumed normal growth!

The bad news is my sleep remains profoundly dysfunctional. I very rarely reach unconsciousness and just “heavy rest” 4 hours at night - with Balsomra sleeping pill - and take “heavy rest” naps 1-2 times randomly.

See this article - found on


Tired of docs dont fool with them anymore…Just gets you tired and worked up going through all the ying yang of Pfs…

Doesn’t matter if they believe it or not they can’t do anything for you anyway in all honesty…Atleast until more is known you can pay a fortune and expirement with it and do bro science some have wound up worse off…