PFSers in the US for $$


Hi all, i was reading the news the other day and found an LA man got 4 million i believe because he was taken down by 2 firefighters(he sued LAFD and got a settlement) we read these kind of stories everyday. and when i look at our situation … its sooo pathetic, we got nothing in exchange for our ruined lives. i think pfsers in the U.S should unite to raise money to get a lawye treatment and cure would be wonderful but if we look at things realistically we need $ to live our miserable lives. we should raise our voices so someone might hear us. only money can make up(just a little bit) of this mess. if you guys are cool with this hit me up or comment here so we can move on, gather a community and find some1 who might be able to help us


i think when we are able to prove our condition(evidence) then we will get much more out of law suits


how the hell we can prove?!!! im not sure how can i prove my ahole pain or other pfs symptoms


What you mean by asshole pain? Do you also have buttock pelvic pains too? What about orgasms?


i had pelvic pains too, tightness and pain, also dick pain comes n goes. feels like something is burning in my dick specially in the shaft area… im not sure how am i going to prove all these but im pretty sure most of the pfsers have these pains…we should get our fucking money from those merck suit and tie and rich assholes