PFS (?) with topical finasteride 0.025% 1ml 3x/week - seems to be related to pudendal nerve - need advice about my current treatment given by my urologist

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What condition was being treated with the drug? Hair loss

For how long did you take the drug (weeks/months/years)? 4 months

Date when you started the drug? septembre 2022

Date when you quit the drug? january 2023

Age when you quit? 47

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I am a 47 year old man. Allow me to write to you about symptoms I am experiencing that seem to come from the pudendal nerve.

I have been suffering from “prostate” disorders for about a year now. These disorders occurred four months after starting treatment with topical finasteride 0.025% 3x/week to combat hair loss. For the moment, however, only a doctor has confirmed a possible link with finasteride.

My symptoms appeared in chronological order as follows: sharp tingling between the anus and scrotum that strongly resembles a urinary tract infection, numbness in the glans, cold sensation in the penis, burning in the urethra without urinating but much more frequent after urinating, tingling and tingling under my feet.

Then, the previous symptoms mixed and alternated with sensations of numbness between the anus and the scrotum, sensations of burning in the anus, sensations of more frequent urination that do not pass even after going to the toilet, sensations of being more bloated in the lower abdomen, sensations of being more bloated in the lower abdomen, sensations of tingling in the lower abdomen.

I did not have libido problems or erection problems.

I first consulted my general practitioner who diagnosed balanitis because he saw a small red spot on my glans, then a dermatologist who also referred me in this direction.

Then, a urologist gave me a cytoscopy which revealed nothing wrong. He told me that it was not a balanitis but an inflammation of the prostate. After taking natural treatment for some time, I felt that the symptoms were getting worse and so I stopped the treatment and made an appointment with my GP again.

My GP also had me do an MRI + PSA assay + prostate ultrasound which did not give me anything problematic. He invited me to see another urologist to get a second opinion. The latter then referred to the pudendal nerve track.

So I did an pudendal injection and started taking Pergabalin about 3 months ago now.

Since then I have been much better.

I only take Pergabalin from time to time when needed (about once a week only) to ease my symptoms when they annoy me too much. This medication seems to “put them to sleep” for a few days. I have never taken an extended dose longer than a week.

A doctor who specializes in hair transplantation and is a former urologist told me that finasteride had caused my prostate to shrink, and since my prostate is small compared to the average for my age, this caused my “prostatic” symptoms. He then advised me to take Proviron by going to Morocco to look for it because it became forbidden in France and to regularly monitor the size of my prostate. However, I preferred not to follow this advice because it seemed complicated… but I don’t know if the trace of a prostate that is too small could explain my problems… apparently no other doctor or specialist made this thought to me when I saw the results of my MRI and my ultrasounds.

Today, my disorders persist but on a smaller scale and still revolve around the first symptoms I had: burning sensations in the penis/urethra, sensations of wanting to urinate/tingling in the lower abdomen and sensation of urinary infection (sharp tingling between the anus and the scrotum).

My symptoms are prostatic types which could be linked to damage to the pudendal nerve. Perhaps these damages has been induced by finasteride by modifying steroid levels in my brain ?

Since 15 days I am also now taking PEA (Palmitoyléthanolamide) 3x-4x because I ween it can increase level of allopregnanolone.

I would like to get an advide about this question please :

My utologist had initially prescribed me pergabalin for a long period of time but I am a little afraid of taking it for a long period of time because it can upset me a bit and could cause weight gain.

He’s okay with me just taking it from time to time when I really need it.

But on the other hand, I tell myself that since this medication calms my symptoms very well, perhaps taking it for a long time would allow my muscles to relax more and that ultimately it would be much better for me than taking it. just take it from time to time…

What do you think ?

Thanks you !