PFS vs PSSD: my experience

Hello, I’m new here. I am 32 years old and I write from Italy.

I have often read the forum and have decided to register. For me PFS and PSSD are not similar diseases. I’ll explain my point.

I have had male pattern baldness since the age of 18. I have recovered most of my hair thanks to minoxidil. I have never taken propecia. I didn’t lose a single hair thanks to minoxidil and my hair was enviable.

When I started taking ssri, I had PSSD. My PSSD is only about the erectile dysfunction aspect. I can’t get erection even with cialis and viagra. I have been struggling with PSSD for 6 years.

The point is that PSSD also accelerated my baldness, as if my DHT, as a result of taking SSRIs, was increased, unlike propecia, which lowers DHT, what do you think?

I have had hormone tests and my free testosterone is in the low limit. I have also been diagnosed with hashimoto hypothyroidism (which I am treating, but it does not resolve my erectile dysfunction and hair loss symptoms). Sure hashimoto also contributed to hair loss and erectile dysfunction, but SSRIs accelerated my baldness, so for me PSSD is a lot.

People are susceptible to different things. This is why some people can take finasteride and have no problems. Yet others end up train-wrecked. It may be that you were vulnerable to SSRIs - but not to minoxidil.

This is part of the jigsaw which needs to be solved - why are some users hit, but not others?

The symptom profile of those who are hit by SSRI, Propecia, Accutane are remarkably similar. This is why the site looks at all three together.

The relative benefit of your situation is that you have a target for treatment, potentially. Many people on here have normal blood results in all ranges. I’m not offering medical advice, but if you have low results in key areas - wouldn’t you consider treating those and then review your situation in three to six months?

I have treated and have been treating hashimoto hypothyroidism since then, I started with T4, then T3 / T4 therapy, for a few days I have been on NDT, my numbers improve, but the symptoms no, I am always hypo!

Regarding PFS and PSSD. In PFS allopregnanolone is drastically reduced, while in PSSD it appears that allopregnanolone is set to a high state and there is no way to get it down.

I took SSRI for 3 months or so about 4 years ago and never had any sides during or after taking it… Yet 2-3 months of topical Saw Palmetto screwed me up badly. My brother on the other hand got sides from SSRI. He was always kind of depressed type and I was never depressed. He also kind of seemed a bit asexual, not really that much interested in it, while I was always horny as fck…

Bro - was always depressed, seemed not so much interested in sex, eventually got fcked up by SSRI.

Me - no depression, always horny as fck, no sides from SSRI, eventually fcked by Saw Palmetto.

There must be some connection to it all, I am honestly considering to try SSRI again and see how it affects me now in PFS state.

Where do you get that? You’ve seen studies that took spinal tap of PSSD patients and found high also in brain?