PFS recoveree/FIN sleep dysfunction victim: Does anyone else exclusively “zombie rest” or half-sleep?

I’m a 53yo lawyer in Denver. Yes, I absolutely positively 100% recovered from worst case scenario PFS possibly via near-starvation. See my prior posts and lawsuit against Merck. Unfortunately I’m probably a “freak recoveree” and do NOT recommend starvation except as an absolute last resort, since it triggered horrific maladies such as ataxia & double vision.

However FIN - not PFS - triggered “insane/freaky” sleep dysfunction in 2014. Making a loooong story short, it has evolved over time. I “zombie rest” or half-sleep all night now without drugs and do not lapse into unconsciousness. It is quite miserable BUT I feel fine/normal during day! Apparently this “zombie rest” performs same functions as sleep! (Initially it was horrible/intolerable and almost deep-sixedme.)

Sleep dysfunction is the “unsung villain” in our world. It is directly fatal and intolerable, even worse than sexual and emotional dysfunction.

Overall I’m very fortunate and do not feel sorry for myself. I feel sorry for other PFS victims.

See attached first page of lawsuit, now abandoned because I filed late🤨

This describes my sleep for the most part since I quit fin. I’d never sleep, just close my eyes.

But I never got tired either. Very weird feeling.

As of late I’ve been able to sleep pretty good though, and I get “tired” again.

But no doubt is it a side effect from finsteride.

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I’m curious when you recovered, did your body odor come back? Did you notice any changes with body odor after the IV antibiotics you took?

The main 3 routes you will want to look into are cortisol levels, sugar levels, and GABA channels. All 3 are very connected so either of the 3 can cause dysfunction in the other 2.

I get horrible sleep when my cortisol is low. Just try to take 10mg of cortef before bed and see if it helps. If so, your cortisol might dip too low at night.

You can try Phenibut to test out GABA. Never take this more than once per week. I get the best sleep of my life on days I take Phenibut. Works 100% of the time.

If you want to test sugar levels, just take a huge scoop of honey before bed. If you feel it helped then your sugar levels may be dropping at night. Often times this occurs because cortisol dips though.

Additionally, melatonin can help a lot too. If you take melatonin while your cortisol levels are low, you will feel like a zombie in the morning. I don’t like to take melatonin more than every few days though as it tends take away energy if I take it daily.

I just take ambien nowadays, and that helps me. I can’t sleep without melatonin, ambien, phenibut, or something similar.