PFS questions from someone who's thinking of microdosing Fin

Hello, I’m pondering the risks of whether to take fin to help prevent further hair loss. I know it’s a risk, but it’s a risk I’m considering taking, especially as I’m looking to microdose. However, I do have a few questions!

1: Have any of you developed PFS from taking 0.25mg per day, 0.125mg per day, or even 1/16th of a mg (0.0625mg) per day?

2: Are there any warning signs before PFS develops that can help prevent PFS from developing if I act quick enough?

3: Did you have a concussion earlier in life? (as I’ve heard that can be a factor for developing PFS). If you did, did you have zero concussive symptoms (headaches/nausea) at the time when you started taking Fin? I ask because I had a concussion and had symptoms for a couple of years afterwards (95%+ fully okay now though).

There is no safe dose.

Some people get pfs after a single dose. No time to react to that.

We do not have a way to predict pfs.

This forum is not for people who wish to take a chance. It’s for people who are suffering life changing symptoms.