PFS not from Finasteride


I would like to understand how many people are affected by PSF not from Finasteride, which said it may seem strange but it is not at all. Apparently.

Kitsunebi88 me from Oxerutin (Quercetin) + Reparil Gel.
wlan from Acid Alpha Lipodic.
rotrichrich from Saw Palmetto.
Liam972 from Zinc.
cj123 from Acai berry.
joey10 from Ketoconazole Gel.
iull1k from SSRI.

Saw Palmetto and SSRI aside, the others seem to be rare isolated cases.

Does anyone else know or have been affected by other substances?

Not to scare anyone, but is there any chance that finding the cure for Finasteride will not work with other substances? For example, my substance is written that modifies inhibited AR mRNA expression. Which does not seem to me to do Finasteride. Although in one study of Sabina Cauci suspects that Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone can change AR mRNA of 200-500 genes (@axolotl confirm?)

We are not affected by Finasteride, we have no support.
For us the question is decidedly different and complicated.

Thanks to those who help me to collect this information.


6 months of Regaine foam plus 2.5 days of Saw Palmetto. When took the Saw Palmetto got hammered straight away, on the second day, then dropped everything. That was on 19.03.2017. Still have the sides, with some improvements though…


Hi tisho1012, Regaine foam plus or Minoxidil is antiadrogen.
What symptoms did you have, and what improvements? Thank you.


When I got hammered I had rubber dick, I was spaced out with huge anxiety and got brain fog. Then I dropped everything and in 2 weeks I got almost recovered, then on the second week I crashed with huge anxiety, absence of morning wood, brain fog, fatigue, really bad pain in my legs, flu-like pain in the bones and the muscles, in 3 months I went from 73kg weight to 56kg. This was caused by the Fetta I eat, I found out that I wasn’t able to eat any dairy products as they worsen my sides. On the third and a half month I got almost recovered, for avout month and a half… two months, then my partner decided to put me in huge stress, I’ve started to smoke again and I crashed again, this time was really bad. The brain fog came back, my legs man got even worst, again no morning wood, although never had ED, huge anxiety, fatigue. While in this condition, I’ve decided to take some herbs from CD nuts, plus vitamin D3 and K2, after that I got even worst! Got new side, my joints are popping now when I move, my knee is fucked, popping and hurt every time I move it. At the current date, I have recovered my weight to 66kg. I have every day morning wood and some days I got the boner all day long, but when I am like that my legs hurt more than usual. Brain fog comes and goes away, I cab eat everything now, even dairy, with no any sides, also my joins seem to pop less than before but my legs remain fatugued with some strange hyper-sensitive sensation on my skin. Thia is my case bro! Only 2.5 day of Saw Palmetto… and the doctora tell me it is in my head! Sick fucks!


Also forgot to mention that when I crashed both of the times I wasn’t able to sleep more than 3-4 hours for roughly 2 weeks after the crashes. Now I am fine in this department! Also I have no anymore anxiety. Those sides resolved within weeks after the crashes. Cheers!


I’ve been posting on here because I had a crash from arimistane. It is sold as an aromatase inhibitor, but I’ve seem websites selling it tauting it for its ability to block DHT.

I have all your symptoms, tight scrotum, no libido, you name it.


Ciao amidoomed thanks for the information, I understand. you.
It seems that we have been genetically predisposed.


Anyone who has PFS from other substances write here
I would like to make our cases known to everyone.


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Don’t forget accutane (isotretinoin). Also there is a guy from Croatia on the forum who got it from a low calorie diet.


Yes, thanks Sibello. I would like to write an article about us, about all those who have had the Syndrome but from other substances. I need information from users.


I was on SSRI’s then Accutane, both messed with me pretty bad but Accutane was the one that messed with my life the most. One two punch… K.O. :blush:


My god, did a devastating combo, like me.
I really hope we find a solution :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah I’ve been on pretty much everything, Citalopram, Prozac, Sertraline and a load of other stuff that i don’t even want to know, probably been of prescription drugs since 12-19 years of age. Maybe younger, I genuinely can’t remember, the best part is nothing ever helped me :confused:


How long have you got the Syndrome?


4 year’s of reduced sexual feeling from SSRI’s, 1 year of everything else from accutane.


I think a very large part of all these conditions is methylation. The body trying to silence things that are being over produced/signaled/stimulated.


that why many other and me have proposed demethylation agents but no one listents