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As our awareness campaign continues, we invite all patients to please follow PFS Network on our blog and social media. We will be using these channels more frequently to communicate.

While our latest podcast series has been well-received, and Mary Gould’s video already has over 2000 views, we are far from finished. Over the coming months our team will be improving the visibility and awareness of PFS online and on social media. This includes a series of tweets about the challenges patients face, supported by short clips from our podcast, along with blogs and more YouTube content. The YouTube content will shift towards video breakdowns of issues in PFS and our next video will be an overview of the Reuters investigation to be released next week.

If you’re on Twitter, please follow our account and check out our latest tweet.

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While this campaign has many strategic objectives for PFS Network and obvious benefits for the issue at large, there is one objective we hope will resonate with all patients: increasing visibility of PFS as a disease on search engines and social media to counteract negative or misleading content.

It is infuriating and bewildering that the first search results returned to families and friends of distressed and vulnerable patients, potential consumers of the drug, or the media, are the ramblings of a dermatologist specialising in the treatment of hair loss claiming PFS is psychosomatic. This compounds the trauma experienced by patients and ruptures their support network. Sadly this pain will not be alleviated overnight and will take a concerted push to overcome.

Please do not underestimate how powerful your actions are to change this.

Every interaction, follow, like, comment, share and blog page view will help both our YouTube content and website rank highly in search results, and displace content which seeks to further discredit this disease or the patient community.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort.

Whenever you have a spare hour next, please:

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Stay tuned as we release lots of new content in the coming months.

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Thanks Mitch consider it done


Mitch, I have started to copy your video from youtube and put it on Chinese media. I believe our career will be further.


Given China’s 4 decade low birthrate and demographic crisis, the fertility disruption of finasteride should be highlighted. Male fertility crisis is probably a problem affecting many other countries as well.


Brother, your views are always penetrating and strategically advantageous. I didn’t emphasize this in my letter to the State Council today. Damn it. If it can’t be restored, I’ll write another letter next month to add this one.


Thanks to everyone who got involved overnight! Much appreciated.

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More long-form content to follow soon.


Thanks Mitch can everyone retweet, like, etc