PFS Network awareness campaign update: new blog out today

Hello all,

Thank you all for your support the last six weeks to help make our awareness campaign, supporting our fundraising drive for upcoming research, a success.

Campaign performance

While greater scientific understanding continues to be our primary objective, improving visibility of this disease and our group’s efforts is also important. Since announcing our new campaign in the beginning of November we’ve been very pleased with the results.

  • Since the beginning of November, our website has received over 1500 unique visitors, up 1300 visitors from the previous month. That is a huge achievement and an excellent sign our work is attracting attention.
  • Our podcast series is performing well. Mary Gould’s interview is over 2500 views, and our latest video about Reuters’ investigation is now over 1000 views in just over two weeks (thanks Kevin :slight_smile: ) Considering it took over 6 weeks for our patient story videos to reach 1000 views, this is a great improvement.
  • Damon’s video has cracked 11,000 views.
  • Our average Google search ranking result for the term Post-Finasteride Syndrome has risen from 40 to 29.5 in six weeks.

Any YouTube search query related to PFS or finasteride side effects will now show a PFS Network video in the top search results. This significance of this cannot be understated - thank you again to all those involved. As always, please subscribe to our channel, and like, subscribe and comment on our videos.

For anyone wishing to speak publicly, we are recruiting for season two of the podcast, which will begin filming next year.

New blog

Today we released an important new blog titled Post-Finasteride Syndrome: A dangerous situation creating a hidden public health crisis. This article discusses the commercial, regulatory and clinical factors contributing to a cycle of neglect facing PFS patients and potential consumers of finasteride. It is a long read, but tackles many of the challenges patients face in the macro environment.

Please check it out and share with your networks.

New tweet

This week’s tweet focuses on the problem of underreporting in PFS. Please check it out, give it a like, and follow our account. And if you haven’t already, report your symptoms.

New blog location

We have moved our blog over from Substack to our website and will be hosting all updates and articles through our website directly moving forward. If you were subscribed to our mailing list don’t worry, you still are, but if you haven’t subscribed please do so at the bottom of our homepage. We will be increasing our communication through this channel moving forward.

That’s it for this week. We’ll have an update next week on fundraising and a wrap up to what has been a massive year.

Take care,


This is real progress​:ok_hand: :+1:


Great work guys!

Also want to repeat that getting on the Joe Rogan podcast would be a great way of getting out the word. Joe had a bad experience with finasteride himself, I’m sure he’s open to talk about this. Mitch would be a great candidate.

Edit: just to show how far his reach compared to big news channels:



Excellent work as always!


You nailed it! So much great information in there. This is a must read for everyone. It’s disgusting how these online clinics are flat out lying to people.


Thanks guys.

And although we would of course love to maximise our awareness footprint, I’m not sure such a big podcast would be interested in talking to little old me. Appreciate the thought though.

If anyone knows Joe though feel free to pass on my details :joy:


I would like to emphasize that we are only 100 Youtube subscribers away from being able to make community posts!

You know what to do people, subscribe to the PFS Network Youtube Channel, if you haven’t done it yet.