PFS life ruined after just 7 days on this drug. 10 Months in

ay I will take some time to describe my Intial story so this will be a long one and my road to headed down the road to Urology department all around the world.
I am a 23 year old who had the fullest of live was living in Bangkok,Thailand. I had a relationship of 7 years with someone i dearly loved.She had just moved back to my home country after living with me in Thailand for 2 years. My horror story starts on September 9th 2019 where i had visited a Clinic abour hairfall and suggested i take Finasteride. I was dumb enough to take this drug for 7 days on the 7th day i had horrible and severe pelvic,Scrotum and abnormal ejaculation starting with Brainfog and anxiety. I was alone and coudn’t figure out i was feeling a sharp shooting pain in the Groin area and my penile shaft was feeling kind of hard all day. I had developed something called a Hard flacid syndrome you can google the condition its a horrible one. I had severe anxiety pain and i tried getting an erection and wasnt able to. I never had a problem with getting my erection no matter how drunk i was a kid with very high libido as well. My penile is always hard in a flacid state and then i started panicking i went to count;less urolojists in Bangok spend thousands if not everything they had no idea what was going on some doctors didnt even belive theres something called PFS. in october i break up with my 7 years of gf because of the emotional trauma and i didnt want her to be a part of this mess. she had warned me not to take stupid pills. after 4-5 days i started getting one of two nocturnal erections. Know by then i had been given SSRI’s and other medication which i never needed i never had any trouble mentally or even falling asleep i was that kid partying everyother day and College life was pretty good too. This was the last semester. After seeing me like this my parents seen a complete change in my mypenile health was horrible which can emotionally scar you all i wanted was to get fixed and get over this. Well my friends something about this crazy drug- Finasteride it sticks to you like a glue. I tried everything chiropractor more than 20 urolojists Bangkok being one of the best medical centres in the world.

December i come to Houston texas to meet DR Mohit Khera. An amazing doctor who right after looking at my penile knew what was going on. he sent me to beracuttt physical therapy where i have been getting physio for the last 6 months countless sessions. in january things became worst after i heard My ex had been getting married arranged this broke me and i went to have sex with viagra with a girl i met 1 day prior boy did things go worse i got something called hollow flacid now penis felt light. as if theres no blood literally made up of AIR. a feather and my penis would be the same weight 1 month of severe ED. went to khera he did a intejtion and did some scanning or dopple someting, He said everything is fine stick to physical therapy.

For me to write this is beacuse ED at such a young age feels horrible taking Cialis every night and all. Dr. Khera said he will not do an implant because im to young he says theres a way to fix this. but so many months in im already losing it now i just want to get the implant done there are few complications more i have for the PFS like low semen. more refactory period. I ejaculate one a weel. I have 0 libido all hormones test come fine. I will be meeting Dr. Khera on the 9th june i will tell him if its not resolved by december can i get the Implants i have measured before i was close to 7 inch super horny and if im hard. I just want my life back this drug has ruined every emotional and physical aspect of my life. Please suggest me if anyone has gone through such states and how and what is the best option for me. I do get nocturnal erections everyother night but as i said very hollow and light feeling i have to constant prussure it to keep it standing even while marturbation.

Should i go for the implant. Note i left millions of symptoms because its all the same as everyone. I am currenlly only on cialis and xanax. SSRI has been not prescribed anymore

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Can you describe the physical therapy the Dr. recommended for you? I would never get an implant.

Sorry to hear this brother, damn 23 years old. Only a week doses did permanent damage.
Did you have any other symptoms after quitting the drug or just the ED?

I would suggest you stop wasting money on doctors they won’t be able to help you not to sound rude but save your money and stop giving it to doctors that have know clue what they are doing.

It’s not permanent, at least i can say that. Don’t screw up your dick with implants man…you may want to try some hormone theraphy instead. Read some topics. Proviron, HCG, Clomid etc etc. It has it’s own risks but i guess better than implant at age of 23… I also suspect that implant won’t work because our prostate is damaged too.

Also, go and test for Prostatitis, which handful of members turned out to have severe inflammation in their prostate causing all of these symptoms… Ask your doctor to test your leukocyte levels in your prostate fluid. Only correct way to see it. I will post my results tomorrow about that, check out that thread about it. Prostatitis itself even can cause low libido symptoms.

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No, you shouldn’t. You wont have libido anyway. I would recommend you hold on for a couple of years, you may see dramatic improvement. Your doctor has said there’s nothing mechanically wrong, so changing things on that level will not change your circumstances significantly anyway.

Thanks man. I will get tjose checked as well/

The physical therapy consists mostly of dry needling, Ultrasound and stretches and external releases.

For the love of god DO NOT get the implant. I believe you could have Hard Flaccid - its a fairly common condition under the umbrella of CPPS - Pelvic Floor Dysfuntion - I have it. This is a reversible condition - I know people whose penis looked just as bad as yours and they are fine now. I’m doing DCT (Dynamic Contraction Technique) that focuses on doing resistance stretching on your muscles surrounding your pelvic floor. I tried traditional PT like you and got no where. Dry needling, relaxing, happy baby, etc etc etc - it doesnt fucking work - or it does for a short period of time.

Look into Uptown Mike on youtube - he also does some good stretching and google “Dynamic contraction technique” for hard flaccid. Its a great program - I am in it and there are hundreds of ppl with the same symtoms as you (sexual symptoms) and they would never dream of getting implant - DO NOT DO IT!

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I tried DCT for a week and it made things worse i tried their 1$ trail with limited videos. Let me know how your DCT is going any improvements.

The creaters of the program are constantly learning and making the excercises better - so there is a new program that I am about to start. Most people report that initially it does make their symptoms worse but that should not be any concern - unless u are causing pain or something and not doing the excercise correctly. But its very common to flair up when first doing it - you are disturbing an area that needs healing - so just like walking on a recently broken leg its going to cause symptoms. But that will go away. I really suggest getting the full program - the facebook group is a huge resource and well worth the money just for all the collaboration of ideas and its great to see success stories. DCT is a long term program that take a while to work - and its hard work too. It sucks but I have researched every other way and this is the best by far Ive come across. Its worth noting that people get HF from all kinds of medications - but there must be tight muscles that are the underlying problem.

I will report back anything substantial in my DCT journey - but I really wouldnt wait for me to get started - there are plenty of guys that are benefiting from the program that got HF from all kinds of drugs including SSRi, fin, trazadone etc.

Will it fix everything 100%? I really dont know the answer but the more ppl doing it from this community would really help our understanding. I do believe its possible - but even if not - lets say you get to 70% - thats more than enough to live a good life. Of course I’m just talking about the sexual issues - not the other stuff - which I dont have any answer to other than eating healthy and all the stuff people reccomend on here.


Looks like we have a lot of the same symptoms. Although i actually developed Peyronie’s. I tried to see Dr. Khera but he said he couldn’t see me because I live in California.

My symptoms sound worse as i have nodules all over my penis, enlarged veins, ED, and pain when stretching my flaccid penis. Even gently.

I also experienced a hard flaccid and inflammation.

I’m now 7 inches, though have lost a few centimeters due to Peyronie’s and curve. I’m also very interested in getting an implant very soon.

The only thing that’s helping me is low dose nightly Cialis. But honestly i’m scared of this medication due to long lasting erections all night. I have to alternate days, take lower doses, etc.

Please keep us posted, i’m relatively young also at 34 years old.

Do you still have hard flacid, tell me about your libido and how long you took propecia.

Yeah, but not as often. For me it might be an effect of the cialis. I have been very depressed, but i feel like i have strong libido still. I always want to look at girls and porn but am depressed that i can’t have sex.

Edit: I took finasteride for 2 years.