PFS: How to destroy a male in every possible way

So this is it. Here i am.

It’s the beginning of october 2019 and i’ve just finished my course of accutane (which didn’t gave me PFS). Holy shit, a clean skin. The time of my life. Never, ever felt so happy in my life. I loved playing football, got a new haircut, for the first time i got attention from some girls. This led to me having my first kiss and my first (and probably last) GF. And then Covid-19 came so me and my GF became bored and started smoking lots and lots of weed everyday. Yeah, fucked me up.


It’s the beginning of october 2020, it’s 4 months after i developed severe Visual Snow Syndrome from heavy weed and MDMA usage. At this point i feel just a bit depressed and anxious from frying my serotonin, glutamate and dopamine receptors. Life was a bit shitty, that was mainly because of my trippy vision. Actually it was my OCD. Still my GF left me cause i became a boring boyfriend. Fuck me

It’s the beginning of october 2021 and time flies fast/slow. Idk anymore, my perception of time has changed alot since those 14 pills. 'M talking about Antidepressiva. Somewhere like 8 months ago, in february 2021.

18 years old, but feeling physically like a 60 year old man, or a 10 year old boy. :frowning:

• February

  • Took Zoloft
  • Hair got thin, dry and brittle
  • Developed anhedonia
  • Muscle weakness
  • Lost libido
  • Severe OCD and DP/DR

• March

  • All symptoms just got worse

• April

  • All symptoms just got worse

• May

  • All symptoms just got worse

• June

  • Tried carnivore/keto diet but quit after 2 weeks so no difference

• July

  • All symptoms just got worse

• August

  • All symptoms just got worse

• September

  • Tried carnivore diet for 3 weeks. After ± 20 days i felt a heavy, too heavy detox.

Since then:

  • Cold penis
  • 50% less libido, so basically its 10% now
  • Feminized hands
  • Smaller shoe size
  • Thinner and less arm hair
  • Less sharp jawline
  • Feeling like i have 30% less IQ points
  • Feeling smaller (weird ikr)

So… This is defo it. Here i f&cking am.

At this point i have severe severe eye floaters, tinnitus, visual snow and PFS only at the age of 18. And believe me my visual snow is really, really bad and noisy.

I failed at life, i really did. It’s just a matter of time before my penis shrinks. It’s the only symptom i don’t have yet. Fuck.

Idk cause i’m far FAR from cured.

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I believe it’s all about homeostasis my friends

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I think your psychiatrist is crazy for prescribing you Zoloft after using MDMA. The problem of PFS seems to be more an upregulation of the androgen receptors that are no longer able to read the signal. I believe this is a common problem in PSSD / PAS as well, which however also has other hypotheses such as desensitization of the 5HT1-A serotonin receptors, Dr David Healy also hypothesizes damage to the spinal cord and ion channels.

I truly hope it is curable, and that we can all recover. Best wishes for the carnivorous diet, I hope it will be good for you.