Pfs Foundation sues FDA


“Long-term use of Propecia can lead to post-finasteride syndrome (PFS)”

I think we all know term of usage doesn’t necessarily determine whether you get pfs or not. Many people (including myself with one pill) are here after less than a handful of doses.


I think we are all well aware of this and the PFSF probably is as well. I’m sure it’s just a wording the writer of the report used, or maybe there is not enough raw data yet to support the faster onsets and such specifics are omitted in favor of this lawsuit or whatever.

In any case. Good thing that the PFSF is playing on the offensive here! I wish them good luck and hope for the best outcome!

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I love how the PFS Foundation is flexing its legal muscles here. By getting Public Citizen to file a suit on its behalf, it’s showing it’s a legitimate organization with talented people at the helm–a force to be reckoned with. Now along with the scientific research it’s funded, it’s now going on the offensive legally. Hardly a crank organization some sleazy dermatologist clinics make them out to be.


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How long will this case take to come to court ?

I’m guessing it could take many years before we hear anymore about this case.


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Is there any update here?

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PSF Foundation drops lawsuit, FDA agrees to add suicidal ideation to label, but FDA denies any connection between propecia and sexual problems.

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Please discuss the outcome here: FDA responds to the Citizen Petition of the Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation