PFS crash. When did it happen?


Hello Friends,

I have a question. When did the crash come when you quitted it? And about the symptoms you had, did they come all at once?

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Hi Turin.

This seems to vary quite a bit from people crashing while still taking the drug, to those who crash more than a month after stopping.

In general, it seems as if 2 weeks after stopping is when the standard post-finasteride crash occurs and the majority of symptoms seem to coincide.

I personally have a PFS-like condition from Accutane and had mild symptoms while taking the medication, a rebound recovery after stopping, and crashed hard around 2 months after taking my last pill. All major symptoms developed at the same time for me during the crash.

Since you are a new member here, perhaps you could share your story by starting a new topic in the Member Stories Category.

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