PFS article in The Economist

We are yery pleased that The Economist has published this article on PFS.

Thanks to all those who spoke to John - the author - to help him put this together.

It’s very encouraging to see an appropriate recognition of the breadth and severity of symptoms that almost always goes under-reported. It’s also great to see coverage that goes into the lack of predictive factors and how easy the drug is to access.

To treat the issue with respect and legitimacy in such a large, respected publication is pleasing.


Was this in last week’s magazine?

I’m just reading April 6-12 one and can’t see it. Looks like a good article anyway. Well done.


Good to see an author highlighting that it’s not just sexual problems for once. The least of some people concerns…


It says “1843 magazine” at the top. Is that like a separate publication the Economist puts out?

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Can read the full article here