PFS appeared 8 months after stopping fin?

Hey guys, I’m very new here so sorry if this formatting is bad, but I’m not sure if i’ve developed PFS symptoms or not. The symptoms I have are similar to the ones i read on other posts here but my timeline doesn’t really make much sense, hopefully someone here can give me some insight, who knows how long it will be until i can see a doctor with this covid stuff going on in my state

I took Finasteride for 28 days just after turning 19 years old, but had to stop due to me noticing that I was developing very mild gyno and watery semen. That was around 8 and a half months ago. Since then I hadn’t really noticed any problems, still got morning woods most mornings, and nocturnal erections, no trouble with ED besides when I would think ab finasteride and give myself anxiety lol. That was up until about a month ago, I noticed I was getting a slight ache right above my left testicle, the pain slowly got worse over time until it was painful enough i had to call sick into work and I also started to notice lower back pain and lower abdominal pain that I thought might be related. I ended up going to my family doctor and he gave me antibiotics for an STD which didn’t really fix anything, afterwards it was recommended that i go into the ER. whilst i was there they found a cyst in my testicles that they said was benign, said all my bloods and urine tests came back normal and said i most likely am just prone to having a hernia and that’s what’s causing this. they still recommended i see a urologist anyway. in the following week afterwards almost all the pain subsided. however the pain in my testicles has returned and is worsening by the day, i’ve also noticed that the pain in my testicles seems to me more centered on the cyst instead of the actual testicle.

Likely the antibiotics triggered it. Studies have shown that fin changes the microbiome.

Probably best to take probiotics, herbs, and not think about it.

after exploring some of the other posts on here for a bit i noticed that alot of people had the exact same sides on saw palmetto as fin users, and then it fucking clicked. the hims anti dht shampoo ive still been using has saw palmetto in it, and now im 99% sure these sides are from the continued use of that shampoo after i stopped fin. im not gonna lie i feel a lot better now knowing that could be the cause and these sides could go away naturally, because im obv never touching that shit again.

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