PFS and lonliness

Since having PFS I lost the love of my :two_hearts: live and the ability to meet a new partner via tinder. With ED you are out of the game. I lost the ability to stay alone as to enter a new community as to meet all my old friends frequently. What can I do?

I enjoy playing games with my friends on ps4, gaming was always my go to for “forgetting” my real life problems… I love football so I play football game co-op (Pes)

Even though I am surrounded with friends and family, this disease is so isolating. Nobody understands the horror we’re in every single day. I’m supposed to be in my prime and while everyone else is living their normal life I’m just thinking of ending it all because I can no longer stand the idea of living with a shrivelled numb dick and zero libido and crippling anxiety for the rest of my life. Playing games with friends used to help me though. But it’s less and less effective for me after all this time. Sorry for being a downer today…

So playing games works. Walks in nature too. Maybe try those?


Personally I am lonely even on this forum as the symptom I have from taking a supplement after PFS is unique to me or is extremely rare.


Can I contact you I believe we are having similar symptoms. Serious muscle issues after one dose.

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For sure, brother.


Pm me