Pfs and Acetylcholinesterase

While studying the effects of pesticides on mental health, i noticed that the mental symptoms of op pesticides poisonings are identical to those of pfs.
Op pesticides act inhibiting the Acetylcholinesterase enzime, causing a build up of acetylcholine, causing anxiety, depression etc…
And yet, the ache (Acetylcholinesterase) inhibition from op pesticides can be irreversible (like pfs).
intrigued by the similarity between the two syndromes, I looked for studies about it but found only this.
From what I understand, finasteride inhibits the ache in some areas of the brain but not in others.
English is not my mother language, so I ask for your help to understand more.

Mate it’s funny that the feeds that have little to no response are potentially closer to the root cause than any other topic. My research keeps bringing me back to the cholinergic receptors being silenced. Testosterone and DHT have a direct regulation on acetylcholine release. If Fin causes inhibits Acetylcholinesterase to a certain extent, when we stop the drug, DHT comes back with full force, increasing acetylcholiine at full force, the receptors are completely vulnerable to accept the increased acetylcholine, silencing the cholinergic receptors. This theory fits and would keep our HPA axis stress response in a constant negative loop. GREAT FIND!


How to undo it?

L-tyrosine increases it.

I am thinking the same thing, cholinergic/muscarinic receptors are responsible for many things we have problems with. I am trying to figure out how to get a hold of some muscarinic receptor agonists and give it a try… I will most likely try poisonous mushroom called Amanita Muscaria soon, although apparently it has a low % of muscarine and a lot of some other poisons… I am trying to find some other source of muscarine with higher percentage

I also saw some recoveries here on the forum from some hallucinogenic mushrooms, so I believe these shrooms might have had muscarine in them

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While I do believe the cholinergic system probably is involved in PFS to some degree. I’m not so sure it’s the “holy grail” that will fix us right up.

I think there is plenty of evidence that highlight how complex this disese is. 5AR are directly involved in at least 5 enzymatic processes on top of the T > DHT pathway after all. And then there’s the glycosylation on top of that.

But if you want to try it out, rather than eating poisonous mushrooms I’d try to get “Bethanechol” or “Pilocarpine”.

I think it might be the reason why we got ED

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Problem is that they are selective agonists of specific musacrinic receptors, while muscarine is agonist for all 5 subtypes of muscarinic receptors… I have no idea which receptors are screwed in our bodies so i would just try to stimulate them all