PFS and a link with TSW?

More and more people I come across are suffering with Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW).

In a frighteningly similar scenario to us , as it seems just the small application of a corticosteroid for a few days can cause massive eruption of dermatitis, body wide. There’s s one girl I follow on Instagram who last applied a topical steroid over 2.5 years ago and is still suffering .

Obviously I’m not suggesting it’s the exact mechanism as PFS as Baylor has shown it is the gene silencing that is primary indicator , but there must be a similar blue print between the 2 syndromes where the body is stuck in a feedback loop, long after discontinuation of the substance ?


After hearing about TSW today I did some research and it’s similar to PFS in the sense that it’s due to epigenetic alterations that may or may not resolve on their own.

Just like fin it’s under-reported and under-researched.

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TSW also appears to be persistent in many cases.

The warnings [about prolonged use] are there but dermatologists ignore them and hand steroids out like sweets. There are also no warnings about topical steroid withdrawal, and in fact most dermatologists flat out refuse to acknowledge its existence.

Sounds very familiar.

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