PFS after nearly 4 years off?

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1mg a day for the 1st year, 1 mg every other day starting from 3rd year
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Hair loss
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4.5 years
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2012 (25 years)
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2016 (29 years)
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Taper off, not planned but because I forgot it quite often
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No side effects during usage
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Erectyle dysfunction
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Suicidal Thoughts

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Penis curvature / rotation on axis
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Hearing loss
Increased hair loss
Frequent urination
Lowered body temperature

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None so far
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I was using finasterid 1mg/day for around 4.5 years to Stop hair loss. However, starting from the second year, I took less than 1 mg/day, mainly because I forgot to take and didn’t want to be change my hormons to much. Daher around 4 years ( at the end maybe 1mg/week) I stoppen using finasterid. During and after taking Finasterid, I never experienced any side effects, such as low libido or erectyle dysfunction. I stopped Finasterid nearly 4 years ago, and starting in September 2020 I experienced some problems with erektyle dysdunctions. All of that started, after I left my ex girlfriend in a very emotional way, and started seing a new one. On the last day with my ex-girlfriend, I could not maintaine an errection for the first time in my life. With the nee girl, I had some difficulties at the beginning but then for 5-6 weeks everything was fine. Crazyly, only when I had sex with her. Masturbating was and is difficult, since I cannot keep and get an erection. Alter an intense week of sex, I started to have problems again and could not get an erection for 1 week. After she helped me and we had 2-3 times bad sex with a semi-hard cook, it went back to good again. However, even though I was getting erections just from kissing her, I was not able to keep them. By using her hands and mouth, she was able to get it hard for sex. Alter having sex for 10 or 15 minutes, the erection survived also when not penetrating her. However, after again a lot of sex, I was not able to keep my erection when penetrating her. And the masturbating with a totally hard erection only works with morning wood, I have maybe 1 or 2 times a week. Now my question: ja it possible that this all comes from Finasterid, even after 4 years of quitting triggered by a Bad psychological mood those days? Have you heard of anyone else having this history?

Another question to the comunity: the two breakdowns I had were both triggered by sex/orgasms. I read somewhere in the forum that this also happened to other people. Does anyone know the corresppnding stories, and if - how they improved.

Sorry to hear man. How is this affect your relationship? I am so afraid to date with a girl because I am afraid I can’t make her happy.

It is still somehow working, after each crash it even gradually improved. She is really happy with the sex, but most of the time I am afraid that I cannot keep my erection - even though this was quite often not the case. But I am really afraid that it still gets worse.

I read your story as well, you are also a person who got the first symptoms pretty later after stopping the medicine. Did you not have any symptoms before? I also don’t know what it means that the symptoms Start that late.

I only used less than one month in 2019. Than I stopped in this one month. I didn’t have any side effects first than slowly in this one year symptomps started and got worse with time. I don’t know I have a terrible depression for years maybe it also has an affect on my erection. But I think it is related to finasteride.

I had strong fever of up to 40 degrees the last days, and it looks as if things worsen from day to day regarding my errection. Have to see a doctor soon. What are your recommendations? Ever heard of a story like this where things gradually decrease over 4 months after such a long time off? Really desperate, I thought I will never get PFS after 4 years off and wanted to start family planning…
To be honest, I could live with limited sex life (hopefully with semi hard erecetions) , but I really want to have a family.

Hey guys, I start to be really desperate. I started to loose any feeling in my penis today, and maybe also the connection to the brain. I tried cialis, and it worked, but full errection (90%) only with stimulation. I have to mention that I was in bed with a cold for almost a week and still have some fever.

I more and more get the feeling that I develop what most of you guys developed during use or after stopping. Do you see any way to improvex for me? I am really desperate now.

But crazy how every situation continues worsening starting from november after my first near 100% recovery. On the other side there is one poing of hope, my sperm has been never as white as today for a decade, the only side I had with Fin (however, accompanied by increased amount those days)

Sorry to hear that you’re having problems.

You’ll see that sex problems are the absolute tip of the iceberg of the condition if you read around.

Many people do get better or recover.

One of the things that we find is that use of anti androgenic substances can be a trigger. So while you may have primed your condition with use of finisteride, another drug may have actually “pulled the trigger” some time later. People have been brought here most commonly by Finasteride, accutane or anti depressants, but there are other things, including things like anti fungal creams.

You should consider that there may be risk from similar substances that you may be taking or be offered in the future. There is a chance that you could develop other symptoms with subsequent exposure. The search function of the forum is one way that you can see if others have had experience of a particular drug.

There are a lot of things written here which frankly are dangerous. Be careful who you take advice from, there are many people who would tell you exactly what to do to fix yourself, despite being unable to fix themselves.

I’m sorry to not have more good news for you, but I think there’s no need to be fatalistic, you could very well improve again, many people do.

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I’m off finasteride almost 18 months and I’m completely reliant on cialis. I noticed my ejaculate has decreased since coming off finasteride and I was always a little concerned about potential (in)fertility implications. I went to a fertility clinic two months ago and everything is in order - I have loads of sperm. Maybe book a fertilitity test if you’re concerned - mine cost less than €100 I think. I have only read a selection of articles on this website but I don’t recall anyone saying they were infertile.

Hi all, my symptoms seem to worsen. Even though I was able to have sex, the feeling and sensitivity worsened.

And, by far worse, I started to have sleeping problems, am not hungry anymore and start to sweat and now have problems to focus and keep things in my head. Brain fog not so far, also no changes in penis size or tissue. These things all started during my cold, which is however over. As I was reading a lot in this forum those days, I don’t know how much my fear of having something bad permanently plays a role. But things worsen so quickly, unbelievible. I looked back into my memory and I am quite sure that I did not use any medicine or cream or whatever which I had not used before (whicht might be anti androgenic to directly cause a crash ). So the big trigger were these 3 months full of adrenaline, after ending my last relation. Is this really PFS? On the one side, I start to believe more according to the severe symptoms and my history on Fin, on the other side this a quick, continuing and severe crash out of the nothing. I ask myself whether such things would be also possibly mental issues? Any help and recommendations? I am becoming really depressed because of my bad health situation.

I am constantly asking myself this. How much of this could be affected by mental state? I had crippling anxiety for a long time and its been mostly under control for a while now and my sensitivity has gradually returned to normal in that time. I still have physical issues but its encouraging that things are feeling much much better. I remember distinctly, from the moment I noticed my hairloss even, that my stress was through the roof. And those levels remained long after I stopped fin. I think controlling your anxiety is a necessary step on the road to recovery. Im not suggesting that its to blame but it 100% makes everything worse and its something we can work on. Would you say that your anxiety was or is now out of control? I think most of us are in a prison of anxiety and its making things that much harder on us.