Personality, character changes since finasteride

Want to know something:

Do you associate with this guy in the vid, his energy level, the way he welcomes the girl, and the way he’s practically unenergetic and indefinite. The way he hugs her, the questions everything?

It’s as if he has taken finasteride. As I did. If I would see a women like this on my show, I wouldn’t be uninterested and bland. I would know what I would want.

The guy has a lot of hair for his age as well, so that checks out.

The reason Imm asking, is I’m curious how you people were changed because of finasteride and what it did to your behavioir towards other people (esp women).

There’s so much lack of strength, determination, decisiveness, ambition and proactivity in me since this sickness, and I’m curious to what extent u guys experience the same and relate to for example this dude.

Nothing against the guy by the way, he just serves to indicate the explanation.


On my worst days this is exactly how I feel. I do have a better days but not sure how to consistently feel improvements, wish I did. Generally clean diet, zero booze, light exercise, consistent sleep and wake cycle and found a lower stress position in my line of work have really helped me out.


Yes, I see what you mean about associating with this guy. He comes across as asexual and maybe neutered. I can relate, thanks to finasteride.

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Yes, according to Axo’s article, PFS reproduces SBMA’s loss of androgenic function. SBMA can cause attention deficit and executive dysfunction. Turns out androgens mediate the dopamine system. It’s fucked. I got fucked. Maybe that’s why people turn to wellbutrin or stimulants here.

Also she’s really not hot.

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Look at the similarities

Reasons for Castration

Reasons given for castrating beef calves include to:

  • stop the production of male hormones and semen
  • historically, tame oxen for draught purposes
  • prevent mating and reproduction after the age of puberty
  • produce docile cattle that are easier to handle compared to bulls
  • decrease aggressiveness, mounting activity, injuries, frequency of dark-cutting carcasses
  • enhance on-farm safety for animals, producers and employees
  • decrease costs associated with fencing and handling facilities compared to bulls
  • avoid discounted price that packers pay for bull carcasses
  • provide meat products of the quality consumers demand


@Mercked interesting. Will have a look at it. Have you tried stimulants? I heard someone on here tried to use hormone therapy, which wasn’t successful until he used ways to upregulatr his dopamine.

EDIT: It was @lowestprime

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Woof. some of the users on here…

Thanks ‘mercked’ I did Google it, and still had to double-check this is what you meant. It’s not mentioned much on here. But appreciate the time you took to paste that in

My personality and behavior have definitely changed since taking fin, but I think that has more to do with shifting of priorities than about fin affecting my brain chemicals.

Since getting PFS, I no longer care about girls as much as I do my own health, so I’m not as excited and bubbly whenever I’m around girls.

Spinal bulbar muscular atrophy.

In rats it’s been shown that AR overexpression in muscles will introduce a similar state although only if the rats are exposed to male levels of androgens.

Most of Axo’s theory is based off this. The rats gets rapidly worse when exposed to androgens and go back to “normal” very quick if androgens are withdrawn.

Now most of us might not have AR overexpression in our muscles, but if a similar thing could happen in other tissues (over)expressing AR it could explain much.

These are not mutually exclusive. Your brain chemistry will set how you priority thing.

People tend to think that the brain rules the body, but in most cases it’s the body that’s the cheif. Everything we think is just a product of how our brain/body is setup on the chemistry level.


All the severe sufferers have it very severe in the muscles

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Yeah maybe.

The rats got severe muscle weakness, but not muscle loss when exposed to T. Due to some interference with calcium handling the authors believe.

In my case for example my strength is fine, but I have muscle loss. Without tests we can’t know what’s going on inside of us.

I have got very severe muscle weakness, many others in this forum have !

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I know. But there is many who don’t have it. So it still doesn’t “explain PFS”. And unless someone got tested it’s only a theory (but a decent one).

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These are not mutually exclusive. Your brain chemistry will set how you priority thing.

I agree that this could be possible, but I don’t have any of the other mental issues from fin such as depression and lack of motivation. I can still feel happiness and joy and laughter, and those emotions haven’t numbed.

Most of my concerns these days are about the physical symptoms that finasteride gave me such as huge digestive issues, back pain and other problems I face over the past 2 years. My mental focus now is about maintaining my recovery and leading a healthy life, not about chasing girls.


Man, I see that there are several drugs for spinal bulbar muscular atrophy. Although they are very expensive, it means that under the existing technical level, as long as we do a good job in basic research, it can be saved?

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It is very much tissue specific, some have it just in brain or penile tissue, some have it in whole body, idk why u people are so much skeptical about it, the Baylor already mentioned about it being overexpressed in the penile tissues, future studies will conclude the rest.

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